Navneet Malhotra

Navneet Malhotra

Navneet is a perpetual student always discussing, debating and trying to resolve design problems using logic and engineering solutions. Having got credit for his academic works he was invited as a visiting faculty to teach "building construction" at his alma mater; S.P.A.-D [School of Planning and Architecture - Delhi].

Academic credits:- 2nd overall position at S.P.A.. 3rd position in international design competition where students from over 90 countries participated.

He then went on to do his masters in 'construction engineering and management' at I.I.T.-D where he got the opportunity to explore and expand his thirst for learning further.

He has authored 100's of 'how-to' articles, demystifying home renovation problems while addressing to questions posed by readers across the country for over 9 years. Select questions are published every month in "Better Interiors magazine" under Q&A section.

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Owner / Director

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School of Planning and Architecture
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

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Navneet Malhotra