The right mix of cutting edge technology and aesthetic designs has helped Murudeshwar ceramics in manufacturing tiles that meet the quality, performance and price aspirations of its customers. Since its inception in the year 1983, Murudeshwar Ceramics Ltd.

(MCL) has steadily progressed to become one of India´s largest tile manufacturing company, producing the widest range of products in ceramic and vitrified tiles. And its brand names, Naveen Ceramics and Naveen Diamontile, have become synonymous with quality

The company, through the years, has earned many distinctions, like the first to produce and export large format vitrified tiles in India, the largest manufacturer of vitrified tiles and so on. It has two large-scale, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities (at Hubli, Kamataka & Karaikal, Pondicherry), which are in technical collaboration with the world- leaders Sacmi Imola & Breton, Italy.

With an unfailing commitment to excellence, it utilizes the finest of raw materials and rigorously checks and controls the quality of the tiles. Over the years, the company has established a great reputation for its manufacturing capabilities, which is backed by the R&D cells attached to the manufacturing facilities.

This ensures the company stays abreast of the latest global trends by constantly developing innovations in colours, designs, textures, finishes and sizes.



Sheer elegance for your dream home
You won't look at floor same way anymore. India's No. 1 vitrified tiles brand, Naveen Diamontile, introduces the all new range of Super Glossy Polished Vitrified Tiles for the first time in India. The Super Glossy range is completely stain resistant by and glossier when compared to other tiles. These tiles are produced using Nano-technology by one of India's leading and largest manufacturers of vitrified and ceramics tiles - Murudeshwar Ceramics Limited (MCL). Now make your interiors look a lot more elegant and beautiful with Naveen Diamontile Super Glossy Polished Vitrified Tiles.

Nano-technology is the art of manipulating matter, atom by atom. It involves reducing the size of the material to I billionth of a meter (i.e I nanometer) (nm) = 10-9 m or about 1000th of the thickness of one human hair). In this process the tile is given a special protective Nanotech coating of granules that are extremely small sized (nano sized). These granules penetrate the micro - pores of the polished tile's surface and make it smooth, homogenous, by hydrophilic and impervious in nature, Altogether, Nanotech coating give the tile's surface extraordinary chemical and physical properties and an edge over other ordinary vitrified tiles.