Naushir Devitre

Naushir DevitreA.A., DIPP., G.D. Arch., A.I.I.A., A.I.I.D.

Naushir brings with him immense experience, spanning over four decades in the areas in both interior design and architecture. His experience and talent renders him one of the key pillars of TPA with several high profile projects for both corporates as well as private residences for leading personalities in the country.

Naushir is currently handling multiple high-profile projects simultaneously in the fast paced dynamic environment of India's budding economy today. He is in line with the fast changing trends in architecture and strives to create environments that are long lasting with clean elegant forms. He is constantly exploring new innovative materials in his design and strives to create a more environmentally sensitive approach to architecture and design.

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St. Stanislaus High School - Bandra
SSC, School Studies | 1953 - 1964
G.D. Arch

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Naushir Devitre