Natuzzi group was founded by Pasquale Natuzzi, current Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Group Stylist in the year 1959. They are the designer and marketer of sofas, armchairs and living room accessories. They are the largest Italian brand with a turnover of Euro 518.6 million in 2010. In 1993, the Natuzzi group was the only foreign furniture company to be listed in Wall Street. They generate 88% of the turnover outside Italy in 123 countries and hold a major stake in Europe (51%) and America (35%).

Sales network and customer service is managed by Italian headquarter in Santeramo in Colle. They are located in High Point North Carolina, USA and also through subsidiaries in India, Spain, China, Belgium, UK, Japan, Brazil and Russia. They invest a lot in research and development making the largest investor in the furniture industry. They manage the strategic activities through its style centre located in Santeramo in Colle whre it consist of 120 professionals committed to the designs, worldwide trends and selection of the materials. They have strength of 6,766 people employed in Italy and abroad. They follow vertical integration at the production in 6 factories in Italy and five abroad mainly in China, Brazil and Romania. The raw material is being purchased from the primary market and then finished at the company’s facilities. They are specialized in manufacturing leather, wood and metal frames, foam and finished products. During the process of raw materials and semi finished products they ensure to utilize the maximum, to manufacture quality products at competitive prices.

Some of its products are hand made displaying the true craftsmanship with high quality standards. In 1995 they were confirmed with the ISO 9001 “System of Quality” certification and in December 2001 the company was then again received ISO 14001 certification for “Environmental Control”. Further in July 2003 they were certified with ISO 9001/2000 in “Integrated Management System Quality and environment”.
They guarantee a high level slivery of services to its customers with fast delivery anywhere in the world with a complete pre and post sales assistance. You can directly track and trace you product from


As a proof of its commitment to operate with low environmental impact they are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. They follow strict international standards concerning the quality and environmental protection. The continuous research on making products of superior quality led them to offer 10 year warranty on the structure of the product and 2 years on padding, mechanisms and upholstery. Its quality laboratory tests each sofa components to ensure international standards and maximum comfort and resistance to wear. The materials and products are passed through various tests to ensure the durability and performance of the product.


United Nations declared 2011 as the "International year of Forests" they are already committed in providing good governance for enhancing and protecting trees and forests. They believe that wood is an excellent material in terms of both quality and environmental conditions. But it should come from managed forests. With this reason they don't accept the wood from extracted from endangered forests. Before the selection of the wood the company with its employees correct all the necessary data to prove the source and exclude the products and materials produced from illegal activities.

They strictly follow certain points related to wood traceability. Suppliers need to report the source, volume and species of the wood. The following conditions are followed at the production plants-

1.  It should declare the county of origin, confirm legal status, and the exact position of the cutting and tree trunks transport. The seller needs to provide the documents to the buyer within 48 hours.

2. They don't source wood from natural forests which are geographically identified as" High Conservation Value Forests"

3. They don't accept the wood from the logging of forests that are related to social conflicts.

Quality Certification

They have received many quality certifications like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as proof of commitment towards the environment. They follow strict international standards to ensure quality and environmental protection. It's because of the research and superior quality of the product they offer 10 years warranty on the structure of the product and two years on upholstery and padding. They have a quality laboratory in which every component of the sofa is tested under strict international standards and the comfort to resist the wear. In order to check the performance and durability of the product materials are passed through several quality checks.