Welcome to National Plywood. India’s foremost and premier manufacturer, producer and exporter of plywood, boards, block boards, veneers and laminate products.

Our products find great favour and appreciation with builders, promoters, developers, architects, furniture and interior designers and consumers alike. From ship building to commercial spaces, from restaurants to bedrooms, from school classrooms to hotel lobbies, wherever you go you will surely find us as a part of your favourite living space.National Plywood , National Laminart and Uninational are synonymous to quality and durability. Build better with National.

We are National Plywood Industries Limited. India's foremost manufacturer of plywood, block board and laminate products.

Being one of the forerunners in the business of plywood and related products, National has been at the leading edge of all major product development trends in the market and has striven towards building a sustainable level of customer delight through its products, channel, redistribution and marketing strengths.

Our operations began about 60 years ago in the tea producing zone of Assam, where we started manufacturing tea chests. Over the years, we continued to explore opportunities in the emerging business of plywood. As the years passed, the National brand gained considerable reputation and goodwill and developed a veritable strength in the market. Today we have the rock solid foundation of a nationwide network of Offices and channel partners.

As part of our commitment to building products that care for the environment, we were pioneers in the development of 'both sides smooth' plywood from fibre and wood waste to ensure reduced usage of raw natural wood.


Plywood manufacturing looks simple on the surface but in reality it is a perfect blend of art and science. National Group has mastered the winning formulae through years of research and expertise.

The National choice for timber by default is the best quality hardwoods- HOLLONG and MAKAI. State of the art technology and human skill then result in the most durable and dimensionally stable plywood in the country.

Decorative laminates are comprised mainly of two components: Paper and synthetic adhesive. There are two basic types of paper used -1) Absorbent Decorative Base Paper, 2) Absorbent Craft Paper. Two types of synthetic adhesive are used to lend the highest bonding strength -1) Melamine formaldehyde for treating Absorbent decorative Base Paper, 2) Phenol Formaldehyde for treating Absorbent Craft Paper.The treated absorbent decorative base paper is overlaid with suitable gram mage of treated Overlay paper to enhance the surface resistance property. All treated sheets are compiled and pressed with imported Mould Plates to give the desired impression / finish. All our laminates confirm to BIS [IS 2046:1995] as well as NEMA[LD3-2000].

How to check for genuine National:

  • A very uniform sanded surface
  • Computerized Electronic surface marking on the sanded surface
  • Absolute flat sheet
  • A well designed printed wrapping paper covering all sheets.
  • POPP tape with company logo
  • All 1.0 mm sheets marked with ISI license no. CML/6537881.

    Research and Development

    Our products are the result of years of pioneering research and development in the area of plywood, hardboard and laminates. Our careful analysis at each and every stage of the manufacturing, packaging and distribution process allows us deep insights into the entire value creation process. It is this deep knowledge that guarantees utmost reliability in all National products and gives us the impetus to drive our R & D further to realize unmet demand.

    R&D at National is not a system, it is a way of life. Being consumer oriented, National has been in pursuit of ways for enriching consumer satisfaction. With the increasing superiority in manufacturing techniques it is important to develop products that meet the accurate standards and help us achieve our mission.

    All the National factories have their own well-equipped laboratories. Continuous and meaningful research is carried out in various aspects of plywood and laminate manufacturing as well as adhesives and wood shavings. Efforts are also made to increase production capacity by intensifying amenities and using improved machines. Also, some random sample tests are carried out on products for formaldehyde content and sheer strength.

    National's R&D has not only improved its existing product quality but has also developed new products keeping market demand as a guiding factor.

    quality assurance

    National's continuing drive for creating superlative products begin at the very core of all plywood - timber quality. To ensure that our products meet and exceed Indian and international benchmarks in terms of strength, durability and dimensional stability, our products use the finest grade of Hollong and Makai hardwoods as the core raw material. Highest quality phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin, pre tested under boiling conditions for optimal performance efficiency and are used for bonding layers thus making the plywood almost impregnable to borer and termites.

    Additionally, to deliver the highest level of bonding strength in our plywood, National factories all over the country ensure a completely sawdust free working environment, a facility ignored by many. However, this minute attention to detail ensures that our plywood finishes are superior because of a higher degree of adhesive strength between layers, giving them a higher longevity and strength. Thus, when you choose a National, you can be certain that the plywood would give you a peel-free and durable long life.

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