Narendra Rahurikar

Narendra Rahurikar

Veteran production designer in the film and television industry with innumerable blockbuster films to boast. Narendra Rahurikar is also the managing director of D?fine Art Pvt. Ltd., the leading design firm in Mumbai, specialising in production design, graphic design, interior design and recently launched vertical of theme park design. Rahurikar has more than 50 films in his roster including commercial, mainstream as well as independent. This widespread acclaimed has been garnered over two decades of hard work in the Indian film and television industry.

D?fine Art Pvt. Ltd. has also been leading in the Graphics and Animation with 2D+3D Animation, Pre-Visualisation Character Design and Story-Boarding. With an exceptional team of designers providing unparalleled service, our work has been seen on 10 television channels and embraced by more than 20 production houses of Film and TV.

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Veteran Production Designer

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Narendra Rahurikar