NanoTek Solutions™ was formed with a vision to utilize “Technology” and provide “Solutions” that address the daily concerns associated with maintenance of various surfaces (Fabrics, Stone, Glass, Wood etc.). When we say various, we mean anything!!!

After years of research, NanoTek Solutions™ was established in early 2011 by Mr. Mihir Kapadia & Mr. Harsh Bhammer, who are one of the pioneers in revolutionizing the field of coatings used in the interior & exterior industry. Headquartered in Mumbai, NanoTek Solutions™ provides coating solutions across major cities in India and will soon be offering its services internationally as well.

The company’s primary concept revolves around providing coatings at a “Nano Level” which can be compared to one-billionth of a meter. The coatings are done at such an intricate level, that it cannot be seen even with the naked eye!!! Our coatings completely bond with the surface making it water and stain repellent.

Working with renowned and reputed companies in India, NanoTek Solutions™ has established itself as a premium coating service provider of choice. Through our unique brand of culture, we deliver excellence to our clients with an aspiration to exceed expectations.
Having discovered a technologically advanced and an innovative solution - 'NanoTek' that enables us to protect all surfaces one can possibly think of. We are India's first company that has revolutionized the concept of using "Nano Technology" to introduce customized solutions for your architectural and interior designing needs.


NanoTek Solutions offers a wide range of coatings such as:

  • NanoTek Textile Coating
  • NanoTek Marble Coating
  • NanoTek Stone & Concrete Coating
  • NanoTek Glass & Ceramic Coating
  • NanoTek Wood Coating
  • NanoTek Automobile Coating


  • Professionalized Housekeeping Services
  • Professionalized Glass Cleaning & Restoration Services
  • Complete Marble & Stone Polishing Solutions

With an experience of completing and delivering multiple prestigious projects across India, we provide you with a "One Stop Solution" for your various coating and maintenance requirements. Most of our solutions are customizable to suit your requirements and shall bring your dream space alive without you having to worry about preserving and maintaining the same.

Professionalized Housekeeping Services

NanoTek Solutions provides professionalized & specialized deep cleaning services in order to maintain your cherished homes & offices. We provide one time deep cleaning services; as an AMC and on a Quarterly or Semiannual basis. Our top to bottom deep cleaning services involves:


  • Carpets vacuuming
  • Furniture dusting & vacuuming
  • Cleaning other Fixtures & Fittings
  • Mechanized Floor scrubbing and shining
  • False Ceiling dusting & cleaning
  • Walls dusting/ washing
  • Cleaning empty Cabinets / Cupboards / Closets/ Shelves
  • Window / Railing cleaning including glass, window panes, tracks, grills
  • Sinks/ Basins scrubbing & shining
  • Washing Shower Cubicles including walls, flooring & glass doors
  • Washroom Deodorization and Sanitization


  • Upholstery shampooing
  • Mechanized Carpets shampooing
  • Cleaning filled Cabinets/Shelves from inside
  • Facade Cleaning
  • Removing of glue & plastic film stuck on glasses
  • Removing of water marks
  • Any other services


  • Living Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Washrooms
  • Balcony & Terraces
  • Kitchen & Pantry
  • Lobby
  • Office Cabins
  • Reception

Professionalized Glass Cleaning & Restoration Services

NanoTek Solutions provides compete Glass Deep Cleaning & Glass Restoration services. Our end-to-end services include Deep Cleaning, Restoration and Coating of most glass surfaces.

Glasses are usually damaged due to Water Marks, Soap Residue, Water Scaling etc., but now with NanoTek Glass Restoration Services, the damaged glasses can be restored and can be protected against future damages as well.

We also specialize in removal of any glue & plastic film stuck on glasses (without scratching using our proprietary chemical), deep Cleaning of the facade glass railings/windows & Coating making it easy to maintain and prevent future damage.

Complete Marble & Stone Polishing Solutions

NanoTek Solutions provides professionalized & specialized services to protect the marble and enhance the marble surfaces;

Marble Diamond Polish | Marble Mirror Polish | High Gloss Treatment for Marbles | Marble Buffing & Cleaning| Marble Stain Removal

In addition to the above we also provide coatings to protect your marble & stone surfaces against accidental spillage of liquids such as water, tea, coffee etc. without changing the shine & feel of the surface.