Nano Top Coat

Brand:Nushar India
BrandNushar India


Nano top coat is a extra protective coat to give a tile like finish on any substrate. It is flexible coat with hi sheen and very good adhesion property. It is applied after the application of Smart Master Coat for high reflectivity of heat and Water/Dust repellency.

  • Nano Technology & Finish.
  • 100% Water Proof, 90% Solar Heat Barrier.
  • High Dust , Dirt & Stain Repellent.
  • High Gloss & High Surface Hardness.
  • High UV Stability.
  • High Coverage.
  • For Terrace , Water Storage Tank Factory. Sheds(Tin , Plastic Cement Etc.)
How to use or Apply
  • It is recommended to apply Nushar’s Nano Top Coat over Smart Master Coat on CC roof/terraces, RCC/CC Water Tanks, Tin Sheds, Iron Tanks, Wooden Doors etc.
  • Base colour of Top Coat is white but any water base pigment/strainers can be added of customer choice.
  • Directly apply the material on the Smart Master Coat by mixing 5% water to enter 100% water proofing.