Nan'an City Exhibition Center & Riverfront Master Plan back to all projects

Location: Fujian Province, China

Area: 55,000 Square Meters

The center of three Wu Kingdoms, Nanan history dates back 1,700 years. Nanan is fast developing into an economic and industrial hub with its close proximity to several of Chinas major economic centers including Xiamen, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Nanans strong rail infrastructure and road links make it an ideal gateway for tourism and commerce alike.

A mix of commercial and residential uses at the core of this project combine to create a community with special character at a picturesque bend in the river, with the convention and exhibition center, shops, hotel, restaurants and cafes offering a lively people-oriented experience, balanced by the privacy of residential sites and beauty of the parklands. The distinct character and location of the open spaces and riverfront location provides a contrast with the dynamic and ever-changing commercial use of the exhibition complex, giving this project its own unique sense of place. The exhibition building itself is prominently located along a major regional highway on a site at the foot of a row of steep wooded hills.