With 25 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing of municipal castings across the world, Municast Solutions, LLP was formed by the promoters of two of the leading names in the castings manufacturer and supplier industry RBA Ferro Industries Pvt. and Ltd. Sigma Flow Control (I) Ltd Municast Solutions, LLP was founded with a focus to bring in the best of technologies and global practices of municipal casting to the Indian domestic market.

With an installed capacity of over 20,000 MT of Grey Iron and 21,000 MT of Ductile Iron Casting, we are equipped with the latest and most advanced plant & machineries available in the global foundry industry and can manufacture quality castings in an unmatched range from 500gms to 2 tons in very high volumes.


One of the largest manufacturer-exporter of Iron Castings in India with an installed capacity of over 20,000 MT of Grey Iron and 21,000 MT of Ductile Iron Castings.


Sigma Flow Control India Ltd is a company with a full design and support capability, featuring technical expertise in the water and sewage management business of over twenty years. Truly an Indian company with global vision, reach & expertise with technical procurement from all over India and dedicated manufacturing resources, Sigma Flow has been supplying products ranging from valves, high quality fittings, manholes, gratings and accessories to the Water Works, Municipal and Oil & Gas industries.
At MUNICAST, we believe that quality does not cost, it pays. Our team commitment to quality is to maximize the combined value of our service to each of our customers, by supplying all of our products to the highest requirements and standards of customer satisfaction. We strive to ensure that our products are delivered free of defects at a competitive price, with the utmost attention to all aspects of product development, production, and supply chain management.

Product Identification & Traceabilitys

Each product has a Permanent Identification Number (PIN) integrally cast on it. This number shall indicate the plant, year, month, date and batch or pour number. All physical and chemical tests shall be recorded in the MTR (Material Test Report) database with the Permanent Identification Number (PIN). The Purchaser can request and obtain a copy of the MTR (Material Test Report) by referencing the PIN number on the castings.

Static Load Testing

Every lot shall be qualified by static load testing at the required load, one samples piece from the lot as per the required norms. Each lot so qualified shall be identified with a mark or tag certifying the successful static load test (should our customers so desire, we shall be more than willing to perform these load test on any random sample from the lot in their or their representatives presence).

Finite Element Analysis

Each and every product is subjected to the FEA (FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS), at the designing stage. Designed to suit the customers requirement. Our well equipped engineering team makes sure that we present the clients the perfect product to suit their requirement and application.
We offer the possibility of aesthetic value to city streets & urban area. We have always been producing made to order manhole covers and grates, both for structure and design, through casting of specific logos, inscriptions or shields..We can give elegance and prestige to pedestrian areas and producing brass manhole covers and grates with exclusive designs. We offer end to end engineering solutions from Design to Delivery.