Multicolor™ Steels has been a pioneer leader in India in the field of Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding systems since 1994. Having installed over 7 million square meters of metal roofing systems in over 500 projects all over India, the company now offers complete range of products & services for Steel construction including Next Generation Pre-Engineered Steel Building Systems. With our Head Office at New Delhi, manufacturing units at IMT Manesar and Bawal, Haryana and sales exceeding 40 million US$, Multicolor™ Steel is further expanding with ambitious growth plans.

We offer complete turnkey solutions from conceptualization to designing, manufacturing and erection of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, Portable Buildings and components like Roofing, Wall Cladding, Floor Decking, Sandwich panels etc. with the help of 300 technical staff and more than 1000 workers.
Our valued projects include top Indian and International names like:- L&T, Yamaha, Ford, SMCC, Takenaka, Tata Steel, TATA Motors, Hero Motors Corp, Maruti Suzuki, Honda Motors, TVS, Vedanta, Moser Baer, Samtel, Pepsi, Coca Cola, DLF, Samsung, Panasonic, Ashok Leyland, L.G, Vizag Steel, JSW, Jindal Steel Group, Bhushan Steel to name a few and leading PSU & Government sector clients like Indian Railways, CPWD, Defence, NTPC, BHEL and many more. Multicolor™ Steels products have also been exported and well accepted in other countries.

Mission & Vision

We desire to accomplish business excellence through the highest standard of ethics, assuring the best quality product & services, innovation, productivity and customer satisfaction.To provide next generation metal building and its components to Indian industry which are sustainable, energy efficient, cost effective and in turn a good life to all people associated with Multicolor Steels.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

Multicolor Steels plant based at IMT Manesar and Bawal Haryana offer a wide range of Metal Roofing, Wall cladding, Steel Decking, Insulated Sandwich Panels, Prefabricated Cabins, Purlin sections, and Ventilation systems with production capacity of approx 75,000 ton/annum.

We believe in continuous improvement in our company so we adapted to SAP ERP for better management of our business process TEKLA, MBS, AUTOCAD, CFS and STAAD-PRO softwares give us better designing capabilities. We have strengthen our communications with proper IT infrastructure with video conferencing facility. We will keep upgrading ourselves to serve our customer better.

We have state-of-the art, CNC and fully automatic roll forming machines for various profiles which give us good quality & quantity of required profiles with less man power & less consumption of time & electricity, making Multicolor Steels the leading producer & supplier of Metal roofing & Wall cladding systems in India.

At Bawal, Haryana, we have already established state-of-the-art structural fabrication plant for manufacturing of PEB (Pre-engineered Building) structures and heavy structures. The world class manufacturing facility is equipped with independent automatic beam welding production lines backed up with latest automatic and semi automatic machines for cutting, hole making and welding processes with high speed, accuracy and repeatability. The plant has an installed fabrication capacity to manufacture 35,000 metric ton/annum. This standalone plant has the facility to manufacture each and every component required in a PEB Building.

Culture & Values


At Multicolor Steels we set high performance target for ourselves and attempt to reach our goals. We use target information and research to strengthen our management system and sustainability.

For better sustainable development within a business, we create value for customers, investors, at the same time, treating the environment and community well. A sustainable business always gives the competitive edge and market leverage, which help in building brand name, giving a strong identity & reputation in the existing competitive market.

EHS Approach

Multicolor Steels is an ISO 1400:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company. Safety, health and environment first at work place are the major concern areas.


We believe that addressing the effects of mankinds environmental footprints, such as climate changes, required new approaches and advanced technologies in operations, which helping us to reduce the emission of the amount of pollutants. We save energy by using green power or renewable resources, hence we are directly or indirectly contributing our mother earth and environment at large. We believe that to serve an environment will be an excellent opportunity to us.

We have taken an initiative for reducing the environmental degradation by adopting:

  • Environmental education and awareness raising activities.
  • We adopted regular tree plantation and its maintenance.
  • Water harvesting system in all our plants.
  • We have adopted & also promote the use of natural light & natural ventilation system in all our plants without use of electricity.
  • All our products are eco-friendly and recyclable.


Many of the work of the company at its various sites are executed by the own labor and employee. During these works, our personnel are likely to be exposed to different types of hazards. Similarly, unsafe acts of our personnel may generate hazards for departmental staff or workmen of other contractors working at the site. Such unsafe acts may also pose danger to the existing installations and even to members of public.


Our personnels shall take all safety precautions during the execution of awarded work and shall maintain and leave the site safe at all times.

The safety and health of employee, partners, suppliers, vendors, contracting agencies and service providers are a priority at Multicolor Steels. Safety is incorporated into our business at every step through:

  • Rigorous trainings programs, regular Safety checks, adoption of personal protective equipments and undertaking all work activities in a safe manner.
  • We shall meet all applicable provisions of the safety regulations, cleanup program and other measures that are in force at the site.
  • We shall provide and maintain all lights, guards, warning signs, caution boards and other safety measures and provide for attention as and when necessary or as required by the Engineer-in-charge or by any duly constituted authority for the protection of workers or for the safety of others.
  • Before start the job, safety induction to be given to the workers engaged at site about all possible hazards including their remedies.
  • Determine the fitness of workers before deployment.
  • The caution boards shall also have appropriate symbols. Adequate lighting facilities such as, hand lights and area lighting is to be provided from our side i.e. contractor side at the work site, storage area of materials and equipment and temporary access roads within our working area.
  • We obtain written approval of the Engineer-in-charge to the clearance of working area (i.e. area clearance approval). We shall plan our operations so as to avoid interference with the other departmental works, other contractors or Sub-Contractors at the site. In case of interference, necessary coordination shall be sought from the department for safe and smooth working.
  • The company employs his own safety Engineer or nominates safety officer for liaison with departmental Safety Engineer for ensuring compliance of all safety rules. We shall ensure that all our workmen are aware about the nature of risk involved in their work and have adequate training for carrying out their work safely.


Occupational health at Multicolor Steels has a strong focus on primary prevention of hazards, and is directed towards protecting the health of our employee and agency with which we are associated. Preventive and remedial health is provided through various training programs on health education and we aim to :

  • Ensure that the health of the employee remains sound
  • Expand the healthcare services to our own employee and others around us.
  • Extend health education, first aid health alerts etc.
  • Regular counseling and advising of the employee. All our products are eco-friendly and recyclable.
  • We arrange adequate facilities for medical aid and treatment for our staff and workers engaged on the work site.
  • The first-aid facilities at the project site, including sterilized dressing, cotton wool and anti septic cream shall be made readily available at every work site.
  • These shall be maintained in good order under the charge of responsible person.
  • At large work places where hospital facilities are not available, first-aid posts shall be established and managed by a trained compounder.
  • An ambulance shall be available during the entire period of work for attending to injury cases.
  • Reporting of accident, all accidents leading to property damage or personnel injuries are reported to the Engineer-in-charge immediately to be followed up with detailed accident reports in prescribed form.

Our Communities (CSR)

Living upto our culture of social commitments we use our capabilities to enhance the lives of our employee and society at large by sensitizing and providing them basic social, sports, economic empowering facilities and other personal benefits under the aegis of Multicolor Foundation.

Multicolor Steels established MULTICOLOR FOUNDATION to set up and operationalize the CSR activity like training Institute for Health, safety & also to promote environmental, sports, cultural values & community empowerment activities at large, to meet the demand of the current industrial sector. Multicolor Foundation has a long way in defining and approaching CSR from a professional and international standpoint.

MulticolorTM Steels is being a conscientious corporate citizen understands and appreciates their obligations towards the society and the country, towards this commitment, the Company is committed to:

Create a positive footprint within the society to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people by continually aligning its initiatives to the goals for sustainable development.

Maintain commitment to quality, health and safety in every respect of the business and people.

Continuously improve its social responsibilities, environment, economic and sports and cultural values practices, to make positive impact on the society.

Our People (HR)

We look to create an atmosphere where people enjoy coming to work every day, where there is we feeling and good fellowship, where people get to work with enthusiasm and self-reliance.

Rewards and gratitude for achievement and exception performance are other ways to retain people's engagement and belief in their organization, with regard to fast track career growth opportunities.

We have faith in treating people in a way that develops their talents and encourage them to make the most of themselves both at work and in their personal lives. Our aim is to develop our business further by improving people's lives by giving them training, development and exciting work environment that help our employees realize their fullpotential.

Our Customer

A team of experts works with the customers very closely from the project conceptualization stage to project completion and handover. Over the years, customers like Tata Steel, L&T, Honda, Moserbaer, Tata Motors SMCC, and Balco have imbibed their trust in Multicolor Steels and have come back year after year with repeated orders and new projects, hence creating a longlasting relationship.

We provide our customers the best possible products and services, and we keenly look for their thoughts and responses so we can keep on improving and innovating to meet their current needs.

Our long lasting relation and the loyalty with our customers depend upon:

  • The quality and services of our product & processes we provide, is paramount and must never be compromised.
  • We endeavor to provide a high level of customer service at all times.
  • All feedback on our service is recorded and given prompt consideration.
  • We never consciously give inadequate or misleading metaphors of our products or services.

Our Supplier

Our suppliers play a vital role in helping us to achieve our objective. We continue to support each other in our efforts to improve the overall sustainability of the business.

We have developed a system and processes that guide our consumer and employee to select the best and most competitive supplier.

We share the best practice across our all operating processes, with the goal of selecting only the most efficient, competitive and cost-effective suppliers that can accelerate our quality & delivery standard that fuel mutual growth.

We treat our suppliers honestly and fairly.

Multicolor Achievements & Accolades

For more than a decade, Multicolor has been awarded and honoured with certificates of excellence in design, quality and construction safety system continuously.

Quality Standard Certifications

ISO Certificate -9001-2008
for Quality Standard

ISO certificate-14001-2004 for
Environment Management System

OHSAS certificate-18001-2007
for occupational health safety
Management system
Design Detailing Award

International Project competition award (2010-2011) by ACECAD Software - U.K. for Best Design Detailing of Pre-Engineered Building

Tata Steel Safety Trophy

Balco Safety Trophy

SMCC Safety Trophy

Toyota Safety Trophy
Safety Awards Certificates

Tata Steel Ltd, Jamshedpur
Annual Safety Award

Safety Award (2011)

Safety Award (2013)

SMCC Construction India Ltd.
Safety Award

Toyota Tsusho India Pvt. Ltd.
Safety Award

Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd.
Safety Award

Punj Lloyd Ltd.
Safety Award

Simplex Infrastructure Ltd.
Safety Award

SMCC Construction India Ltd.
Safety Award

Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
Safety Award

Vizag Steel
Safety Award

Areva T & D India Ltd.
Safety Award