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Multi Level Car Park
Multi Level Car Park

Location: Dabolim, Goa, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Cost: 30 Crores

Area: 15,000 Sq.M

Project Completed: 2013

"Aesthetics in Functionality"

The highly constrained site of Goa Airport, which is surrounded by sea on Air Side, Highway on the City side, existing Airport on the Eastern side and navy land on the Western side posed a great challenge to meet the car parking requirement. To overcome this challenge the Multi level car parking just adjacent to the Terminal Building was proposed. This building has not only to cater to the functional requirements of the Car Parking for the area but also has to ensure that it corresponds to the aesthetical vocabulary of the Terminal Building. This has been achieved by designing a building which can boast of having the right proportions, simplistic elevation treatment at the right areas with louvers & planters and a bold semicircular column head at all columns which corresponds to the Architectural Vocabulary of the Terminal Building. The multi-level car parking is designed in six levels consisting of two basements to accommodate around 600 cars.