Ms. Bhakti Hegde Shetty

Ms. Bhakti Hegde ShettyDynamic and innovative, Ms. Bhakti infuses energy into the leadership at Chartered Housing. Her innate capacity to understand the needs of the homeowner has paved the way for Chartered Interiors, the division that offers an all-round dream-home experience.

Armed with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of best practices, Ms. Hegde believes transparency is the best way to a longlasting customer relationship.

Curious about the latest trends in interior design, she makes sure Chartered Interiors delivers work to the best of quality.

Aesthetics, craft and picture-perfect interiors are part of her everyday vocabulary be it an interaction with a homeowner or instructing her team on the job. Her keen eye for detail and drive for excellence have made Chartered Interiors a much sought-after interior design house in Bangalore.

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Ms. Bhakti Hegde Shetty