Mr Sushant Muttreja

Mr Sushant Muttreja

Mr. Sushant Muttreja, a renowned and respected name in Real Estate, is a leader who is piloting the innovation bandwagon right from the front. He has been able to combine all his field's aspects into one stream to develop a Real Estate Management Programme that courses through all the disciplines viz. Civil, Architecture, Legal and Research providing students an all round learning approach.

His expertise lies in fabricating brands and under his leadership, scores of brands and companies have known outstanding success. His prime forte is business development and sales. He being a visionary and an exemplary implementer, his biggest tools are his innovative thinking and his ability to consider and visualize beyond the ordinary.

His strength lies in exploring beyond his comfort zone and challenging the situation. He assigns prime importance to a genial client relationship, a positive work environment and maintaining a strong accord with the investors at all levels. He is a team player and believes in growth being a cooperative entity. His biggest personal assets are the honesty and transparency abundantly visible in his way of working, the sheer strength of his determination and his ability to spot avenues where others see setbacks.

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Mr Sushant Muttreja