Mr. Sunil Pherwani

Mr. Sunil Pherwani

Mr. Sunil Pherwani completed his Civil Engineering from The VJTI College, Mumbai and joined M/s. Freyssinet Prestressed Concrete Company Ltd, a sister concern of M/s. Gammon India Ltd. He had been actively involved in repairs & rehabilitation of Bridges, silos. He was in charge of the rehabilitation of the Thane Creek Bridge. In the year 1985, he joined Ramnani & Associates as a Partner. He has been structurally designing, Commercial, Industrial & Residential Towers, also supervising various sites not only for new constructions but also involved with jobs of Major Building Repairs / Strengthening in & around Mumbai.

He is utterly dedicated to every project and pays unstinting attention to every last detail. He is well organised and thorough with his design abilities. He is also responsible for the business development activities within the firm.

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Mr. Sunil Pherwani