Mr Shekar Muttreja

Mr Shekar Muttreja

Driven by zeal and fuelled by a passion for achieving excellence, Mr. Shekhar Muttreja, in his almost 17 year long career span, has never stumbled and not fought back. His personality highlights include a sense of perfection and a keen perception for opportunities that can be turned to grand achievements. This has resulted in him amassing vast experience across organizations and roles that help him lead Cosmic from the front.

He has lent his exemplary vision to construction projects ranging from Hospitality to residential, to roads, dams and hydro-electric projects and achieved outstanding results owing to his immense capability to visualize and execute with absolute perfection. His delivered work shows the thought process and the attention to detail that is typical of his work style.

Another very important attribute of his persona is the impeccable team spirit that he brings to the offering. He admits great things can only be achieved through a team effort. This has been the key to his paramount success in the brand promotion, marketing, export and retail distribution arena. Apart from this, he is adept at motivating groups and bringing them together for a cooperative and cumulative growth in the face of apparent adversity. His incisive ability to stimulate people with his thoughts and ideas is a quality that has added a lot of weight to his qualities as a professional and as an individual.

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Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade
Export Marketing | 1999 - 1999
Indian Institute Of Planning And Management
Marketing & It, Export Marketing | 1998 - 2000

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Mr Shekar Muttreja