Mr. Manish Jawkar

Mr. Manish JawkarMr. Manish Jawkar is the principal architect of SOM design. With more than 15 years of experience, his remarkable leadership, acute sensibility and unrelenting perfectionism, he has guided the steady growth of SOM design since 2004.

Graduated from the top ranked prestigious Sir J.J. College of Architecture in first class with honors in 1998, Manish Jawkar's cutting edge style and unique design concepts lead him to second the top position in design dissertation in college. He considers his education ongoing in the field of design and there is a lot to learn from every project that he executes..

During the 15 years of experience as an award-winning design associate and partner with a broad range of top architects like Mustafe Eisa, Hafeez contractor Mr. Manish Jawkar single handedly designed and executed range of distinctive projects in Europe, Middle-East and Asia. He believes that the international work experience has broaden his design vocabulary with the latest trends and technology reflecting in his projects.

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Mr. Manish Jawkar