MOVA1 is an interior architecture and furniture design firm that seeks to promote inventive and polished modern living solutions. The design are cerebrally driven, and can be characterized as warm, minimal and finely detailed. From the concept to special planning and furniture working drawings, we derive artistic form from a combination of age-old mathematical proportioning systems and ergonomic precision. The final product seeks to maintain a balanced ratio of symmetry through asymmetry, stimulating contrast in materials and strict construction.

Varrun Motihar has a Bachelors Degree in Economics, American University, Washington DC and a Masters Diploma in Architectural Interior Design, KLC School of Design, London.

MOVA1 Studio is a stand'alone property located in the heart of dlf phase1. The Studio has been conceptualized around a modernist idea of a 1930's English industrial gallery. We use the studio to showcase the diverse and distinctive ways any space can be used by regularly changing and re- arranging our collections. This practice allows for a subtle and radical way in which an interior can be designed.

Personal Details

Owner: Varrun Motihar

Founded: 2009