Ms Gita Ram and Ms Neelam Chhiber co-founded “Industree” in 1994. Artisans from rural India present world class home accessories before you. In 2009 Future Ventures invested in the company and the brand was renamed as “Mother Earth”.

This is a tasteful lifestyle brand with a touch of Indian design. It is one of those few brands that represent Indian designs in a contemporary style. You have to watch for it in order to explore the wide range. With the investment of Future Ventures it expanded its product line including food (organic and natural), fashion, a wide range of home linen, furniture and gifts. They also provide large range of home decor. In 2009, they opened its large flagship store covering an area of 11,000 sqft in Bangalore. They have opted different selling channels like multi-brand outlets, online, franchisees, exports and television to reach customers.


Mother Earth believes in providing great quality goods while nurturing the environment and building on the strengths of marginalized rural communities to create sustainable livelihoods and overall prosperity.

Its mission is to enhance and create secure artisanal livelihood through socially, economically and environmentally sustainable

Mission - Values - Objectives And Activities

Keeping in mind the concerns raised in last year's Social Accounts, there has been a change in the framing of the MVOA. The mission statement and objectives have been modified to incorporate improvements that were to be made, more activities have been added to reach the objectives listed. There has been fresh brain storming on the values that MOTHER EARTH stands for.

Objective 1:
    To strengthen the domestic and global market for Indian artisanal producers
Objective 2:
    To assist artisans with production and market access
Objective 3:
    To build socially, environmentally and economically sustainable production

On 19th April 2013 Industree received 3rd Social Audit Certification for Mother Earth and Industree foundation. During the audit they did a remarkable work for the cause of Sustainable livelihoods of the Indian artisans. Centre for Social Initiative and Management (CSIM) conducted two independent audits documented by Anupama Kumar and Poonam Golani who were the Industree members. The audit was conduct to ensure that the company ultimately aims at achieving its social mission   which says To enhance and create secure artisanal livelihoods through socially, economically and environmentally sustainable production"

1. They have women as its workforce so they are more involved in the production that is why you get innovative designs.

2. They provide social and health security to artisans.

3. They help artisans who are living below the poverty line to participate in the production and supply chains.