With an experience of more than 66 years, Morphy Rechards are pioneering the need for household appliances in Europe. They follow trends, latest designs and technology to produce high quality products. You won’t believe that over 90 % of British homes use its products from hair drying to bread toaster.

Every year 5 million units of the products are sold and the turnover of the brand exceed US $200 million. They offer some of the wide range of products with wide features. Some of its products that they offer you will find the new entrant in the market. They aim at enhancing the beauty of your home. Whatever the need or demand are they fulfil from its wide range. The demand of its product is very high in the market.

They are a part of 1.3 billion dollar Glen Dimplex Goup, a worldwide leader in manufacturing electric and domestic appliances. The group has a strong presence in America, UK, Europe, Middle East and Canada etc. It owns major brands in various categories.