Mombaye Market Apron Set - Black

Brand:Freedom Tree Design Space
Model:tx aop set ubmom blk
BrandFreedom Tree Design Space


Mombaye Market Is The Coming Together Of The Chaos Amidst The Bazaars Of The Maximum City. A Daily Visual Known To All Is Represented By Hand Drawn Sketches Of Veggies, Fruits, Flowers, Fish And A Myriad Of Things Associated With The Market. An Graphic Look For Apron, Oven Mitts And Pot Holder.

Material: 100% Cotton

  • Length:-
    Apron- 33"
    Oven Mitts- 13"
    Pot Holder - 9"
  • Breadth:-
    Apron- 28"
    Oven Mitts- 7"
    Pot Holder - 9"Contains: 3
    Color: Neutral
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