In 1939 Misuraemme have made an industrious and untiring contribution to “Made in Italy” values. With hard work and dedication they have taken the brand internationally making it a global player. All its designs are “Made in Italy”. They focus on marketing trends and fashion with well rounded products of high quality. With the tenacious enthusiasm and manufacturing directly into the premises they are offering wide range of products with a true designer.

Results That Can Be Seen

It has its disposal at the revolutionary spraying plant based on water soluble products. If you are comparing it with the traditional spraying plants which is certified by CATAS (Research and Development Centre for Wood and Furniture) you won?t be getting better results. They have received with the prestigious international mark Aquaver by ANVER (Associazione Verniciatori Italiani) which certifies the use of varnishing high tech technology which will cause low impact on the environment. The certificate bears the number 001 showcasing the pioneering spirit with which they always believe it right from the beginning.

The Real Reward

The real reward what they think is maintaining the quality. The two of its products namely mat lacquered and glass mat lacquered do not cause harm to the environment neither to the health nor pollute the environment. The technology they use with that the water produces healthier air. 

Innovation And Environment


In Italy you will find that every year half a million of tons of organic substances which are highly toxic are released into the air. They have always focused on producing environmental friendly products. With years of research and intensive testing they have received a huge success in the business. With a considerable effort in time and employed resources they always focus on coming up with new solutions, experimenting in new materials, using different types of mat varnishes which have not been used in the furniture business. Progress is what they have done each time.


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Dorsia - Seregno

Dorsia - Seregno

They believe that furnishing is not to place products in the space rather it means studying the living space, colors and sensations which should match the need and demand of the people living inside. To collaborate with Dorsia was to create something new that could give innovative designs and care. The guests can experience the touch and quality of the products both customized and standard.

For example:

Propeller (small Armchair)

Hill (complementary elements)

Antibes (sofa and complementary elements)

Tao10 (system)

Crossing (system)

Noir Club & Restaurant

Noir Club & Restaurant

They have a partnership with Noir club to renovate the Lissone completely. This project shows the quality of the products with modern and refined style. The furniture consolidates to the expertise of the brand.

They have furbished the Noir club and restaurant with innovative designs that provide a cozy and refined look which they want to offer to the clientele. Noir club and restaurant is a renowned club that has new trends and wide space to enjoy with a path between different environment discovering personal emotions. They provide you with a true lounge to relax with a calm and soothing environment. The ambiance makes it comfortable and adorable for people that appreciate the quality of furniture and materials used.  This project is important because it combines the two Italian realities in the form of quality products and the creativity.

They allow you to feel the touch and quality of some of its products like-

-Crossing (system) 
- Sitin (sofa) 
- Borderline (sofas) 
- Paco (small table) 
- Bellafonte (table) 
- WM1-WM2 (small armchairs) 
- Ring (small table)