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Minaret Residence
Minaret Residence
Minaret Residence
Minaret Residence

Location: Jaypee Wish Town, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Project Work Status: Proposed Projects

Area: 8,750 Sqft

The residence is located in Jaypee Wishtown development along the Noida Expressway. The development is planned as a combination of highly dense and low dense areas. High rise apartments are made in combination with villas, golf course and landscaped gardens. These are planned alongside to provide a variety to the urban fabric of the whole development.

The residence is amongst one of the villas with the plot area of 450sqm; it is abutted by the golf course at the back and receives cool winds during the summer months. The golf course also acts as a buffer between the villas and the high density areas thus reducing the noise levels to a great extent. The house is meant for private use with a main intention of creating large and luxurious spaces.

Concept and Ideology
The villa is designed with the proportions to that of the traditional Rajasthani buildings. Since the owner has spent most of his childhood in Rajasthan, he had a fascination with the traditional art and architecture of the state. To re-create the experience of a haveli with an integration of modern amenities, the built mass and the volume of the house was inspired from the traditional architecture while the interior space was given a totally different language to match the modern needs and requirements of the owner.

Various passive technologies used in desert architecture are also incorporated in the house to reduce the energy consumption and provide comfort. Wind Tower is a traditional architectural element with the function to catch cooler breeze that prevail at a higher level above the ground and to direct it into the interior spaces of the buildings.

Planning and Design
The wind tower being the central and highest element in the villa is treated as the focal point of the house along which all the habitable spaces of the house are planned to receive the fresh- cool air. This space also acts as the central atrium in the house that connects all the floors to each other; this creates visual connection and sense of togetherness inside the house.

The formal area like drawing room, guest bedrooms are located in the front part of the house. This segregates the private areas from outsiders, thus both parts of the house function simultaneously without any disruption.

Bedrooms, dining space and all living areas are planned towards the rear side with a view towards the golf course. Large window openings are provided at the rear that let the cool wind inside without much heat gain. In contrast to the rest of the facades with smaller window openings to reduce direct heat gains and maintain privacy, the rear fa?ade completely opens up into the golf course without any compromise in the privacy levels.