'Minal + Sonal Designs, a young and dynamic designers / architects partnership firm based at Navi Mumbai since 1999. We have undertaken design projects from residential interiors, corporate interiors, hospitality designs, landscape, architectural works & product design to graphic design works..

We have worked on many projects, also on many unfinished projects, which has given us a confidence to handle the project if it happens like a mall, Bhopal memorial, various farmhouses & bungalows etc. The firm believes in the context of the site along with clients' brief as the base for starting any new work. Climatology & greenhouse effect is very crucial in today's context. These were the points that our fore fathers used to practice but somewhere we lost it. Its becoming important again due to the Global warming effect. Recycling & experimenting with new materials have been our success to a good design with controlled budget.

We believe in design as a necessity to begin, to solve various ergonomically, spatially and pattern requirements. Our design starts with reasoning - why the brief, where the context, how the solution in a minimal and logical understanding.

You look for images by flicking through books and magazines or by digging into your fleeting, weakened memories. You're searching for a sensation, a space, a sequence, a material.It's but natural to look for a cozy corner in one's life, a space; where one can get absorbed.

This is the very theory/ concepts we thrive upon, we try our best to fulfill that with every new project. Our aim gets betters in answering these very issues with every project, as we grow along too.

Practicing reality: accepting the actual conditions of your surrounding and realistically attainable objectives. Necessity pushes us to act regardless of the deed or its costs in the conviction that any "miserable piece of land" may harbor emotions, sensations, images, sounds, smells and ideas. It is certainly not a question of art but the desire to build ideas based on budget, often using easily available technology.

Personal Details
RT-1 & C-21, Neigbourhood Complex, Sector 4, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 400706



Owner: Minal Modak

Founded: 1999

Employees: 10