We are the authors of Change, Innovation and Evolution

If the Milton name invokes nostalgia about your school days, or reminds you of your daily office squabble for hot and fresh delectables, or even your everyday housewares, then that in itself speaks volumes about who we are and what we do. But for those who are new to our name, we are one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of Houseware products in the country.

Since our inception in 1972 we have established a network of over 55,000 retailers and a host of strategically placed manufacturing units across India; his has allowed us to move forward in our constant endeavor to serve our customers faster and more efficiently than ever before. Such unwavering commitment to bring you nothing but the best has won us loyalty in India and across more than 60 countries around the globe.

Our ‘Kuch Naya Sochte Hain’ mantra has heralded us as the pioneers of the industry. As a result, we have made tremendous headway into Insulated Steel and Plastic Products (Thermosteel and Thermoware), Non-Insulated Products (Household), Melamine and HORECA. Our enthusiasm to innovate and bring you something new is the genius behind the flair that makes us so loved, and inspires loyalty.

Milton along with Claro, Spotzero, and Treo is a part of the Hamilton Group of companies.



Change is the only constant. At Milton, we constantly come up with new and innovative ways to deliver better and improved products to our customers.


Quality is a given for any Milton product. The high quality benchmark and rigorous testing gives each product an inherent quality that our customers can count on.


Our products are designed for the hustle and bustle of modern life. They have been put together with the greatest care, to ensure that they are capable of withstanding everything that 'life in the fast lane' can throw at them.

Customer Care

We are in the constant pursuit of serving our customers in the best possible way. And in this pursuit, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our Customer Care System is always accessible, attentive and responsive to our customers' needs.