Greenlam Industries Limited has been beautifying spaces for years by infusing creativity into every piece of work and turning it into sheer pieces of beauty and brilliance. A name to be reckoned with in surfacing products in more than 100 countries, Greenlam Industries Limited is standing tall with its guiding philosophies - innovative technologies and creative solutions. Carrying the legacy forward, Greenlam takes pleasure in presenting Mikasa real wood floors, produced in India for the first time at its fully integrated plant at Behror, Rajasthan.

Mikasa draws inspiration from the Latin phrase "Mi Casa, Su Casa", which means "My home is your home", a warm and welcoming gesture for people to feel at home in any home. Both our floors and our vision embody this open-armed welcome that evokes free-flowing contours of peace, health and comfort. Each plank of wood is truly a work of art. Each piece of wood, naturally beautiful, is further enhanced using the latest technology lifting out the character of the wood and present it to you in its full glory. With a wide variety of inspiring design options, you are sure of finding a floor that will give your home an unique character.

7 Good Reasons Why Mikasa Will Floor You

As Natural As It Gets

Mikasa Is Real Wood Floors

A creation of nature's giving spirit, Mikasa floors are the epitome of authenticity and made for you to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of real wood without any of its drawbacks. By using responsibly sourced real wood, your floors will channel the serene essence of nature throughout your home with each and every plank.

Engineered Wood Floors

Designed To Provide Stability In Any Climatic Condition

Mikasa floors consist of 3 layers composed of real hard wood, a stabilizing core and a balancing layer. Put together using the most modern technology, this construction provides solidity and stability to every plank while restricting the expansion and contraction of wood and giving your floor resilience to stand the test of time and climate.

Spoilt For Choice

Choose From A Vast Portfolio Of Flooring Dcor

Truly a symphony of shades, surfaces and textures, Mikasa's portfolio offers the largest variety of real wood floors alongwith matching accessories. Every plank and accessory is stained or smoked to perfectly integrate into, and serve to illuminate, the artistic vision you hold for your venue.

Easy To Install

Mikasa Floors Are Easy To Install, Remove And Re-Install

PlankLoc is a revolutionary technology that locks two planks together without using glue, ensuring that the joints that bind the two planks never open up. PlankLoc allows for ease of installation, giving a seamless look to your floors that withstands the effects of seasonal change and foot traffic.


Fully Supported By A Warranty Of Up To 30 Years

A meticulous process, from the cut of every corner to the finishing of each plank, Mikasa's plank production ensures that you are always standing on a pristine veneer that is oblivious to the test of time.

Never Far From Mikasa

The Widest Network Of Sales And Service Outlets In The Country

The widest range of real wood floors produced in India also possesses one of the widest distribution networks. With retail outlets and sales offices strategically located across the country, Mikasa ensures that timeless beauty is never too far from any home, no matter the address.

Keeping It Clean

With Mikasa, Maintenance Isn't A Chore

Boasting strong surfaces that lasts for years, Mikasa ensures that maintaining your floors takes anything but effort. A vacuum cleaner, mop or a broom are all that you need to retain your floor's gleaming new sheen.