Miele entered India starting its operations from the capital Delhi and expanding in NCR. It was found that over the years Indian market has become an emerging market with discerning individuality. To satisfy need of Indian customers they bring a wide range of appliances giving a synthesizing form and functionality with every appliance. These appliances give customers a highest degree of convenience.

They work closely with designers, architects, developers, project managers and investors to produce customize products of high quality and designs. Marketing is experience driven. Since customers have different taste and preferences every effort goes in making a true experience product. These experiences are controlled from its centre in Jasola, New Delhi. The motto “Immer besser” not only covers the product range but also the employees of the company, customer and after sales services.


All its products are highly durable and long lasting with a belief that no other brand is near to the quality and durability of what they produce. A test carried out by Germany's independent WfK laundry research institute in Krefeld that out of the various machines tested Miele washing machine  was the one to function perfectly in 5000 wash cycles equivalent to 20 years of normal use. In ecological balance sheet the machine's average life cycle lasts six years longer than other brands machines. Long lasting appliances save energy and do not need any type of replacement or maintenance. They offer electronic update system to ensure technological updates.

Quality Tests

In Miele test laboratories, our appliances are constantly tested to their limits. To be able to guarantee a long life cycle, all products must pass various tests with flying colours before they are approved for series production. A selection of videos is available to provide a first impression of the appliances.

Independent Consumer Tests

Stiftung Warentest (StiWa) between the years 2000 and 2005 12 of its appliances as test winners and awarded top marks. Germany's 'OKO-Test' magazine has displayed the benefits of using its appliances. They have received high quality certificate from British Consumer Association's magazine.  Its vacuum cleaners have impressed many consumers worldwide. Whereas dishwashers attracted international market in 2006. They have been praised by consumer associations in Australia ('Choice'), Belgium and France ('Que choisier'), consumer magazines 'Altro Consumo' (Italy) and 'Consumentenbond' (Netherlands).

iF product design award

Gold Winner of Innovation in Design award

Focus Open

Australian International Design Awards

Red dot for high design quality

iF product design award

Universal Design Award 2011 and consumer favorite 2011

iF product design award

red dot for high design quality

"Red dot" honorouable mention "

iF, Hanover, product design award 2010

universal design award 2010

universal design consumer favorite 2010

Good Design Award 2010 - The Chicago Athenaeum / Europe

red dot design award 2010, Essen

red dot "honorouable mention"

Design Zentrum NRW, reddot, food - cooling

Design Zentrum NRW, reddot, Essen - hood

universal consumer favorite 2009, Hannover

universal design award 2009, Hannover

iF, Hanover, product design award 2009

Focus Open 2009 International Design Award Baden-W-rttemberg

Australian International Design Award

Australian International Design Mark

Appliance Design EID = Excellence in Design, Bronze for small devices

iF, Hanover, product design award 2008

Design Zentrum NRW, reddot, Essen - Built-in appliances

Design Zentrum NRW, reddot, food - Benchtop

iF, Hanover, product design award 2007

Design Zentrum NRW, reddot, food - Benchtop

Focus Energy, Design Center Stuttgart

Chicago Athenaeum
Development and improvement has always been the basis for Miele's entrepreneurial activities. Numerous awards and prizes prove that this strategy works well.

It is always particularly satisfying to be rated highly by consumers. Repeatedly, Miele has been awarded the "Most trusted brand" by Readers Digest readers, and Miele customer service was given first place by Kundenmonitor Deutschland. These honours reflect customers' trust in Miele.

2011Best BrandsMiele counts among Germany's most successful brands: Miele was awarded second place in both the 'Best company brand' and 'Best product brand' categories
Most Trusted Brand
Reader's Digest
"Pegasus Award"
For the 11th time in succession, Miele was nominated the most trustworthy brand in the domestic appliance sector by Reader's Digest readers.
2010Best Brands"Economic market success and the brand once again attract awards. Miele is named as the "Best sustainable brand" (5th position)
SuperbrandsIndependent, worldwide organisation Superbrands commends Miele again for its branding excellence
Reader's Digest
"Pegasus Award"
This year, too, Miele is nominated most trustworthy brand in the domestic appliance industry in 16 European countries
2009 sees Miele Service commended once again for service excellence
Reader's Digest
"Pegasus Award"
In the domestic appliance sector, Miele is voted must trusted brand
Family entrepreneur of
For the first time, an expert jury awards the two proprietor families a prize for their exemplary style of management
best brands'Best product brand' 'Best corporate brand' (Top 3)