The day we started the business we didn't know, how big would we emerge in coming years? But one thing is clear in our mind that... We want to be only the best!!!

And with our kitchen business growing tall, we feel fresh and motivated thereby emerging as country's best turnkey kitchen solution provider.

Having installed ample kitchens, Metrika has specialized in the field of modular kitchens. It is from this perspective that we are honored to present the world of Metrika Kitchens.


METRIKA opens doors of untapped possibilities of leading international brands from all over the world. We offer a wide price range starting from functional, value for money kitchens to high end international kitchen brands.

No matter whatever is your demand and price range, quality and expertise never goes down.

Since conception METRIKA has realized the need to offer quality and designer kitchens.

With the industry expanding we recognize that we need to develop and strengthen our relations with all our partners in order to deliver products specially designed to meet the demanding Indian consumer needs and taste.

Nowadays the general consensus is that ergonomics and comfort have become of much greater concern to the general public in their choice of venues. So In order to achieve the goals, our approach is to offer durable materials that will withstand rough handling, be abuse resistant and yet maintain modern aesthetics and high levels of comfort. To ensure that our products meet these high standards, our research and development department has their own strength and durability testing methods which can replicate the load cycles of most of the major world standards.

Since most of our products are imported, packing and shipping are of paramount importance. Completed components are bagged and sealed, then fitted into robust packaging, before being loaded into containers. All packing operations are documented and photographic records kept as part of our quality assurance. Logistics are managed by the expert in freight handling and shipping space are booked weeks in advance, helping us maintain our record for delivering our kitchens on time and in pristine condition. Many surveys have found that the quality of kitchens ranked second only to that of the apartment itself. Society as a whole is now much more concerned with the quality of life than ever before, with specific emphasis on health, cleanliness and safety. Properly addressing and implementing these issues can turn an ordinary kitchen into a memorable one.