Meraas is a handcrafted brand, which is the result of the exquisite manifestation of the artisan’s craftsmanship at the highest level. The brand is soaked in heritage, curated by the finesse of Kashmiri artistry spanning generations when it comes to Persian inspired silk carpets, exotic Pashmina Shawls, Walnut wood designer furniture and intriguing paper mache products.

Breaking the monotone of luxury labels in the contemporary world, the brand adorns authentic Kashmiri and Persian artifacts, which are individually piece de resistance created by the human hand.

Embodying the original style of Persian art and crafted by highly skilled Kashmiri artisans, the cornucopia of products at Meraas is a dream come true for any lover of interior design. Meraas is a treasure trove for authentic and exotic craftsmanship, all handmade. Since every design is unique and extraordinary in Meraas, naturally evolving from the artisan’s creativity, influenced by generations of inherited knowledge and enveloped by the sophistication of the brand, it naturally speaks volumes of the brand’s heritage.

The fact that every individual piece in Meraas can never be duplicated, as it is hand crafted or be created via regimented technical process, the value of each product becomes a connoisseur’s delight.

Design Philosophy

“Breaking the stereotype of luxury labels in the contemporary world with authentic piece de resistance created by the human hand.”

Luxury has become one of the most clichéd words in the lifestyle-marketing lexicon. For us at Meraas, our core design philosophy of “exclusivity” is a counterpoint to the increasing pace of modern life.

Simply meaning, what you get at Meraas are individual pieces of our artist’s handiwork. If you own a Meraas, no one else would have the “exact same design.” There would always be a difference of certain percentage in any of our artifacts because each piece is handmade.

Our designs arise from the artistic sensibilities and the cultural heritage that the artisans carry in their bosoms. Since there is no standardized process of how these designs need to be created, there is a level of certainty where the outcome is aesthetically pleasing. It often creates moments of delight when customers encounter our work. Thus, our products evoke a sense of empathy and acts as a conduit, where the décor items become art pieces.

The Man Behind

Dear All,

Kashmiri artifacts have always been known world wide for its ability to communicate a sense of awe via its traditional history. As I was engaged in my carpet export business for the last forty years, I somewhere yearned to showcase the true finesse of Kashmir artifacts to different audiences, who admire authenticity.

However, I observed that there was a significant lack of trust amongst buyers- be it a tourist in the country, a home decorator, or a designer himself; in terms of buying authentic Kashmiri products, and a hesitation prevailed over the love for this art.

Thus, with this inherent value system, embedded in Meraas, and a focus on individual and community well being, where design integrity and authenticity of the products remains paramount, Meraas as a brand has taken the initiative to preserve the original Kashmiri art form.

Today, our exclusive brand showroom in Ghittorni, New Delhi is regularly being visited and admired by audiences from different walks of life. A great design, which is handmade, is difficult to describe, you often know it when you see one and Meraas does tend to take the onlooker?s breath away, as we aim for ?wow.?

Abdul Quayoom Trumboo

Our Heritage

The Persians referred to all things legendary and depicting heritage by the term ?MERAAS.? The brand represents a legacy of heritage in creating magnificent hand crafted artifacts, which will be admired and preserved by the onlooker.

Our heritage stems from over 600 years when Sultan Zain-ul-Abideen (Budshah 1421-72) arranged for artisans from Central Asia and Persia to train the poverty struck locals with Persian styles and techniques. The locals were taught to learn various art forms like carpet weaving, Pashmina shawl making and other crafts by the Persian masters.

The artistic ability of Kashmiri people helped them develop an innate finesse in craftsmanship, which was clearly distinguished by the intricacy and fine detailing of their work.

Meraas was founded with the vision of providing art connoisseurs with the highest form of handmade luxury.

With a deep rooted understanding and practical knowledge of artistry passed on from generations, Meraas preserves the 600 year old heritage of finest Kashmiri crafts, and strives to create a stable livelihood for the master Kashmiri artisans who are gifted with the m?tier of creating the finest objet d arts.