Mera Agra Contest November 2014

About Mera Agra Contest:

The "Mera Agra" competition is the first design competition launched by "The Design Village" in collaboration with Uttar Pradesh Government, Department of Tourism and the Dutch Embassy. The design village wants to encourage students and design aspirants across the country to showcase their thought process through the design medium. The theme "Mera Agra" is to portray the magical allure of the 'City of Taj'. Agra is a city that has several stories to be told. A city that has different facets of cities within it. Give a voice to City of Agra which does not speak just one but multiple stories: about its people, culture, monuments, food, crafts, history etc.
Our goal is to empower a generation of savvy, employable students, designers and also individuals who understand the potential of design. We aim to challenge students from schools, colleges and design institutes to think differently about design through their artwork. The design which speaks for the city, its culture and its majestic characteristics. 
We're driven with our mission to acknowledge and reward the design which has the potential to express the City of Agra in the most magnetic way. The design should aim to brush off the bewildered image of Agra which seems to be lost in the transition.

By means of a poster, represent your view of AGRA

Following is the design layout to be followed by the participants and explain your poster via means of a written concept note on back side (optional)

For Poster Format: Click Here !

Mera Agra Contest November 2014