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Mehsana Developmennt
Mehsana Developmennt
Mehsana Developmennt
Mehsana Developmennt
Mehsana Developmennt
Mehsana Developmennt
Mehsana Developmennt

Location: Mehsana, Gujarat, India

Project Work Status: Proposed Projects

The Prospect

Hubtown Limited and Development authorities

Site Relevance

Important district of Gujarat with a population with that of New Mexico State of US.7 major universities, with literacy rate higher than 75%.Has lots of archeological sites with reference to rich history and culture, especially Vadnagar city in mehsana. Vadnagar is a delight for archaeologists and excavators because multiple sites are found here that reveal the existence of a flourishing city with a religious and cultural forum. All great rulers of the city built enormous architectural monuments. Each monument shows its uniqueness in a different way. This enhances the present look of the city and gives a glimpse of the past. We are looking at a city whose serene towns are full of learned, peace loving, god fearing, Jain community . They have been residing there since time immortal and love their social fabric which is rooted in cultural history. For a district that is culturally and historically sound & which draws references from rich past, suggesting a lifestyle provision which is modern , yet places them in their comforts of space and time, will be gladly received.

Design Call

The site of almost 20acreas has potential to grow up to be a magnet of day to day utilities, along with stable anchors like cinema, hypermarkets etc. to get major footfalls. It includes the transmodal complex. The large extents of the site, also permits for us to think of a school, an international setting, as it readily sits onto the most favorable catchment.

Arris Idea Conception

Long arcaded column bays & ornamented pillars, Cobbled stone pathways & paved roads, Cluster lamp posts & central watch tower, With a central precinct, gives an old world feel to the entire site extents, creating an architectural heart of the city that beats with socially relevant carved out spaces. Yes the reason of being is the Bus Terminal that would take up a space chunk from the huge land at our disposal. But by virtue of which, we enable you to create a landmark property that aspires to be a place people call their own!

Social aspects of the essential "third places" can be interspersed intelligently throughout the site, so as to make it more people relevant. Eg: jogging tracks/walking/bicycling track/amphitheatre etc.
The arcades on the external can have a high street life, with spill out restaurants and eating places; cafe joints or book corners, making it a life style oriented hub. Where on the insides, the arcades can have exercising tracks, as mentioned.
Far more greater advantage to this site, apart from its scale, is that it's a corner plot that has two major roads on its either sides. The other two sides are also virtually open to internal roads making it a all-face-active site.

In effect the site has potential to absorb a Bus terminal, a hypermarket, cinema & entertainment spaces, retail formats of 2-3 types, commercial and office spaces, along with sufficient amount of civil provisions, which are categorized as common lifestyle utilities. Eg: parks etc. This also has a possibility of school & residences, claiming good monetary value.
The entire exercise is to make this design initiation a time relevant resource of people's interpretation of a leisure filled lifestyle, which runs peace and calm into the neighborhood and caters to their day-to-day needs without compromising on open spaces.
It offers the character of a city precinct and functions in that manner as well!

Result Achieved

Is the seamless adaptation of space into free flowing form, and form that appropriates into function, of transition, passage and stillness of being.