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Mehra Residence
Mehra Residence
Mehra Residence

Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Project Work Status: Unbuilt Projects

Area: 8,000 Sqft

Client: Gautam Mehra

Team: Vijay Dahiya, Shubhra Dahiya, Tapas Mandal

Project Duration: Jul-2014 - Jul-2014

Structural : NNC

The project is a Family residence for six members on a triangular plot overlooking the Ridge green belt in the heart of urban Delhi. The plot shape being irregular, the intent of the design scheme was to reduce the impact of the triangular plot shape in the spatial planning of the house. 

Design intervention is done to break the monotony of the typical 3-4 storeyed houses coming up in Delhi to create functional living spaces. This is done while addressing the orientation as a part of the environmental strategy whilst creating a dynamic within the house that changes as one moves inside as well as outside the house. Space Planning is done in a manner that maximizes the views towards the Ridge, optimizing the green environment. Bedrooms are strategically organized to create terraces at all levels, providing private break-out spaces. The South and South-West orientation of the facade is intentionally punctured with fenestrations and windows to bring in natural daylight and craft views. Horizontal projections and vertical fins are utilized to cut down on heat gain from the south and south west side.