MEGAVENT as a brand has evolved over the years for its quality products and service. Established in the year 1995, “MEGAVENT Technologies Private Ltd”, is renowned for providing excellent performance and high quality products. It started with the range of Machine Tool Protective Equipments that include Telescopic Covers, Tubular Telescopic Cover, Aluminum Link Apron Covers, Roll Away Covers, Way Wipers, and Industrial Bellows etc….

MEGAVENT has now added two luxury premium products into its portfolio – “RETRACTABLE ROOFING” and “TELESCOPIC SWIMMING POOL ENCLOSURES”.

MEGAVENT has recently entered an agreement with ALUKOV-IPC to become an all India authorized distributor of these products, from one of the best manufacturer of Pool Enclosures in the World ‘ ALUKOV. S.A ‘.

ALUKOV-IPC, spol. s r.o., was established in 1995 in Orel, Czech Republic. With the high capacity of the production plant in Orel near Chrudim it ranks among the leading manufacturers of swimming pool and whirlpool enclosures in the world.

ALUKOV-IPC is a founder member and leader of the international association of qualified manufacturers and sellers, IPC (Inter Pool Cover) Team, E.E.I.G. In addition, ALUKOV S.A is the leader in innovations on the European market of pool enclosures. Each year the company offers its customers new models of pool enclosures, and new technical solutions of products enhanced with attractive components. Pool enclosures made by Alukov are exported to EU countries and other European countries, Asia, Pacific and the USA.

MEGAVENT will be adding many more products in the near future, which will be essential, add more value and enhance both style and safety to human life on the whole.

Retractable Roofs


Megavent deals with a variety of retractable roofs and skylights. Any roof opening can be customized into retractable roofs depending on the clients needs. Below are some of the projects in India where Megavent has successfully installed both manually operated and and automatic retractable roofs.

Benefits of the Megavent-IPC Motorized/Manual Retractable Roof Systems:-

Retractable Our retractable roof system is one third of the length fix and two third retractable (66% open and close) and give you the chance to chose when to be covered and when to enjoy the open air. You can open and close the retractable roof as you please. Also you can have shade or enjoy the sun.

Motorized The products like motorized sun-rooms are equipped with a motorized system that allows to open and close the cover automatically just by a simple touching of the bottom. With a motorized system its much easier to open and close the sun-room.

Waterproof waterproof enclosures offer protection to all the range of water actions related to the weather changes. It is also built with rain canalization. This way the system is 100% impermeable.

Long Lasting The Megavent-IPC retractable roof system is made of aluminium profiles that never rust; it is powder coated in six standard colours.

Windproof The aluminium structure/patio covers that we manufacture is highly wind resistant. Test for instance our patio covers and you will enjoy the result.

Soundproof Megavent-IPC India can offer a Multi layer Patio Enclosure that protect you from the noise, ideal for disco, nightclubs, private home, hotels and so on. The Multi layering system that we developed includes a layer of lead. With our patio enclosures you will feel the difference and you can play music as much as you want.

Heatable Its an option for cold and warm weather and for winter and summer. You could live in a desired warm skylight with the help of an incorporate device for heating with no heat dispersion. Take one of our skylights and the comfort is yours.

Lateral Panels Our lateral panels are totally removable. For example you can install the panel in winter and easy remove them in summer. This way your canopy will be suitable for four seasons. In our lateral panel is also possible to build sliding doors which are also easy removable. In this case, you will have a very versatile canopy.

No Condensation The Multi layering roofing system we developed eliminates the dew so the condensation phenomenon doesnt appear. Think about a view of water going into your plate when you are eating. With our insulated sliding roofing this will not happen.

UV Protection With an insulated system, the patio cover itself is a protection mainly from sun by providing shade and keeping the solar ray not to penetrate the patio cover material. An insulated Patio canopy with an option of UV protection is much healthier.

Coolness Thanks to our patented insulator, in hot weather conditions the incorporated system for temperature balance helps to reduce the indoor temperature by 40%.

Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures

    1. Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures dramatically extends the swimming season from spring to autumn

    2. The polycarbonate with guareantee period up to 15 years.

    3. Polycarbonate is specially designed and tested for hail condition

    4. UV protection to exterior side unlike non protected polycarbonate (which most companies offer) this material will not get brittle or change colour.

    5. The retractable swimming pool enclosure sections are independently key locked separetly within the track that allows the sections to glide either way on the track when unlocked. Therefore any section can be retracted left or right,she smallest within the largest and vise versa.

    6. Dual sealing sytem between segments, heightened protection of your swimming pool againts natural polution.

    7. IPC offers very atractive rounded profiles with unique sealing system

    8. Only with telescopic pool enclosure you can enjoy swimming in outdoor pool on hot days simply slide the enclosure fully off the pool. When the weather is not so kind you can transform the pool into enclosured one by sliding the enclosure back over the pool.

    9. No need to clean the pool as often pool enclousre saves your pool maintanance.

    10. Reduction in frequency of checking the water and dosage of chemicals

    11. Capturing of heat resulting from solar radiation or from additional heating of water,

    12. Reduction of costs of water heating and prevention of thermal losses

    13. Time saving and facilitation of maintenance of the swimming pool

    14. Reduction in frequency of checking the water and dosage of chemicals

    15. Prevention of skin cancer thanks to screening of harmful UV radiation by polycarbonate

    16. Reduction in damage to the pool caused by winter weather

    17. The retractable swimming pool enclosures protect children or pets from falling in water

    18. Enjoyment of swimming in the open on hot days after simply shifting the enclosure behind the pool



Looking for a place where you can relax, enjoy your garden and its beauty but unpredictible weather will never let you Do not be limited by wind and rain, enjoy the maximum benefits of sliding/retractable patio enclosure from ALUKOV.

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