McCoy Group realizes Dreams into Reality. We came from a limited Silicones Trading Industry presence over a decade ago and now are present across almost all growing and emerging Industry Verticals ranging from Automotive and Transportation to Infrastructure and Building Construction to Chemicals to Glass and Industry and now Retail.
Our Range of Products and Services include Sealants Adhesives and Foams, Automotive Sealants and Adhesives, Architectural Building Hardware and Accessories, Full range of Silicones and Chemicals, Insect and Wellness Flyscreens.
Our Story is Unique from Trading to Private Labels to now Manufacturing OEM Contracting and Joint Ventures. Our Presence is felt across South East Asia employing more than 150 Professionals across 9 offices in India and around the world. It’s a Billion Dollar Company in the making...
McCoy Group is one of the Leading Silicones player in the Indian subcontinent since the Early 1980`s which originally started as a trading Platform of Full Range of Silicones an one of the first in India.
Our founder & Chairman Mr. V. K. Malhotra established Teknos India (later forming McCoy Group) essentially as a trading company for Silicones in 1978. At the time the knowledge of Silicones was in its nascent stages and continued for the next 15 years. More so the very high import duties was always a restricting factor for all imported products.
Over the next decade and specially during the period 1997-2010. McCoy Group established business partnership with over 30 companies globally and introduced to India a wide range of product ranging from, Equipments, Tools, Automotive OEM Bus Coach Adhesives and Sealants and host of other specialty and engineered products.
Over the last few years McCoy realized this importance of its own brand & started to think towards backward integrating all its products into manufacturing/joint venture/OEM manufacturing.
McCoy Group worked with top global management consultants to do the broad Business reorganization and formed our brands mainly. McCoy Group established a high tech platform for IT Integration employing an ERP cum CRM with Microsoft Business Dynamics Navision, formed and became fully integrated with now 5 offices around the world.
In 2010 McCoy Group Steered forward and entered into a joint venture with Soudal NV, Belgium to form, McCoy Soudal Sealants Adhesives & Foams Pvt. Ltd, A 50: 50 Joint venture and company was commissioned on April 01, 2010. The company has invested approximately INR 50 CR. and has built one of Asia's finest and largest sealants and adhesives manufacturing plants in Bawal, Haryana.
McCoy Group has now taken the initiative to have a Cooperation Agreement for manufacturing & launching India's largest range of silicones for textile and chemicals in a cooperation agreement with Blue Star Silicone (Formally Rohdia) one of the world's largest fully integrated silicone producers.