At our Mayura Steels, success is story of pretty long tenure. With all the activities in-house, we have gained a confidence of customers. Right from initial layout and Pattern making till finished Casting – every process is carried out under the vigil eyes of technicians guided by team of expert engineers.

We have Simulators to study the Casting – before poring it – to determine the very effective methoding. This is certainly an edge over the others. All the patterns are made in house by our expert workers in Aluminium.

Our foundry has two 800 kg. capacity induction furnaces. We use CO2 as well as Vacuum Molding process.

Steel Castings invariably need Heat treatment and we have a Continuous type Heat Treatment furnace with automatic controls where Annealing, Hardening (Quenching) and Normalizing is done.

We have the Quality Assurance – mainly almost all the NDT (Non Destructive Testing) facilities – with us. It has helped us to deliver the Tooth and Adaptors to withstand the ambient temperature of – 20°c ; those we have already checked to work satisfactory at even – 40°c temperature. That is the reason, our parts work even exceeding customers satisfaction.

In Industries, the castings itself with closed tolerances have more demand so as to achieve reduction in process cost and in weight of the casting. Considering this feature,Mayura Steels has successfully launched the Investment Castings which are manufactured by Lost Wax / Lost Foam method. We have the installed capacity of about 1200 MT and it is being utilized completely.

New Horizons

Mayura Steels is coming up with a New Unit Unit No. 4. It is on National Highway No. 4 and at a close vicinity of Unit no. 2, which is a corporate office of Mayura Group.

To cope up with increasing demand of Steel / Alloy Steel castings worldwide, it is rather difficult to match it. We have to have an additional capacity with us. In India, the inflow of global players in the Earthmoving & Construction Machinery Industry has come along with the more additional requirements and that provision we are making !

We as a team, are working on the operational details like Furnace capacity, Mold / Core Shop layouts, Pattern and Machine shop etc. Very soon, the plant will be operational.

A new Foundry Unit which runs on Solar Power which is an unique example showing how much of Electricity is saved. No doubt it is not only a nation's Savings, but it a service towards humanity also !

However, still . . . we are not happy and contented with what we have achieved today . . . . we want to grow further and further . . . it is a long way to go . . . with Technology, Inhabitat and Nature !

Quality Policy

MAYURA GROUP delivers excellence in product and services by continual improvement of integrated management system that ensures customer satisfaction.

We shall strive for reduction of defect, reduction of environmental pollution & improve health & safety of employee, by complying with applicable legal, customer and organizational requirements.


  • Improve Customer Satisfaction.
  • Reduce Cost of Poor Quality
  • Conserve natural resources by efficient utilization
  • Disposal waste as per Environmental norms
  • Improve employee safety measures
  • Improve housekeeping as per Quality, Environment & Safety norms

Manufacturing & Quality Control Facilities

3D Scanner - Handheld 3D Laser Scanner Used for 3D Scanning, 3D Modeling, Inspection, Reverse Engineering.

Simulation Software Finit Element Method Solidification, Simulation of various processes to help to get product for faster development.

Heat Treatment Continuous Heat Treatment and Batch Type Bogie Furnaces

Physical Testing Impact Testing Machine , Universal Testing Machine

Melting Induction Melting Furnaces with production capacity of 9000 tons / annum
1 Kg to 800 Kg / Piece

Spectro Meter 22 Chanels
18 Elements

MPI Machine Crack Detection

Non-Destructive Testing Radiography Testing
Dark Room
R.T. Film Viewer

Continuous Heat Treatment


Green Technologies Awarded By Telcon, Now (Tata-Hitachi) At DharwadIn Recognition Of significant Contribution To Commitment Towards Environment During Telcon Partners meet on 4-May-2012

Best Entrepreneur Award of 2011-2012 to our Group Chairman
Mr. C.S.Dolli from Zee 24 Hrs. Channel

Honour Awarded By Telcon (Tata-Hitachi) For Significant Contribution to On-time Delivery Of spare Parts 2009-2010.

Awarded For Completion Of India Wave5 Training Of Caterpillar Production system (CPS) - Chennai

Recognition on Attaining 3,697 PPM Against The Target of 9000 Quality Level For The Year-2011. Supply To Caterpillar.

Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

ISO 14001:2004 Certificate

OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificate