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Martand KhoslaMartand Khosla graduated from the Architectural Association in 2001 before moving back and becoming a partner at Romi Khosla Design Studios. Martand started his practice with designing a number of event structures and set designs for theater, fashion and public events. Subsequently, Martand has designed a number of projects ranging from playgrounds for children, to eco-friendly mud architecture, low cost factory workers housing, high end villas in Delhi and Bhutan, as well as Institutional buildings and Corporate offices throughout India. Martand Khoslas' work has been extensively covered by the National as well as the International Media. His building, the students canteen in New Delhi has been featured in the UK as one of the best buildings of the 21st Century, and his first building - A Hospice for poor patients in New Delhi has won the WA award. Martand has lectured and presented his work regularly in India and Europe.

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Martand Khosla