Timber's Import in India is largely done by Mars Plywood which is a well known plywood manufacturing company of India. Being based in Kolkata, it has gained more popularity as a brand of plywood with their trustworthy and reliable products in northern region of Bengal and southern part of India. From the time of their inception in 1992 till present, they have been continuously expanding their business with an aim to grow. At present they own a total of 4 units of art production which are located in Kolkata, Kerala and North Bengal. The inventive managing director of the company, Mr. Roshanlal Agarwal is a consistent follower of bringing creativity and innovation in their products as well as services in order to attract huge numbers of customer’s attention and ensure their satisfaction. This approach of attracting customers has helped in creating an edge in this competitive market.

They are basically a private ltd. company and possess the certification of standard ISI which is a symbol of quality and trust in terms of their services and products. They also possess the standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification because of their consistent belief in the efficient management of quality as well as environment. They have numerous plans of expansion and growth of the company for the coming years which involves the aim of becoming the national plywood manufacturer in Kerala. Apart from this they also plan to merge their subsidiaries of Videsh plywood, Rajani plywood and Priyanka plywood.

They are the leading producer of best quality and standard plywood, flush door, veneer and block board with the usage of high quality material in their manufacture which includes imported timber of gurjun and effective glue. With their effective achievements, upcoming expansions and future centered approach, they have been able to occupy significant share in the market across the country. With their aim to experiment and bring out innovation, they introduced the product range of chequered plywood, flexi plywood and fire retardant plywood.

Being driven by Mr. Roshanlal Agarwal and his team, they have been consistently aiming towards future innovations. They believe in the fact to learn from the past experiences and improve the future. Their endless efforts and dedication has helped them gain such huge popularity that they have established themselves as a brand name of plywood manufacturing. Their belief of continuous and consistent development and effective management of environment and quality has made them the first preference of every consumer. 

  1. To develop as one of the country's leading plywood supplier and manufacturer company.
  2. To become the fastest growing company in the coming years.
  3. To setup its branch offices and tea-gardens across the country and emerge as the leading plywood manufacturing company
  4. To produce superior quality plywood using best quality glue and latest machinery.

  1. To provide maximum satisfaction to its customers and establish itself as the most committed and best service providing company.
  2. To be widely recognized by the dealers, architects, carpenters and designers.
  3. To strategize and cater according to the needs and requirements of the market.
  4. To improve its services with continuous and improved innovation in its products.

  1. To be globally recognized as one of the leading plywood manufacturer and supplier companies.
  2. To successfully implement its plans and achieve betterment in performance.
  3. To uphold the highest dignity and respect all its employees and consumers.
  4. To provide best quality products at lowest cost and make the maximum use of available resources.


In order to produce the best output product of plywood or veneer or block board or flush door, they possess an efficient and skilled tm of professionals who are completely committed and dedicated towards producing perfection in all their products. The production of high quality plywood process starts with the steps of log soaking, debarking, measurement, cutting and ends with peeling. Not only this, thereafter, the process of drying, sorting including jointing and scarf jointing and patching also takes place to complete the primary stage of production.

The secondary stage involves bonding, sawing, sanding and grading which involves edge sealing, coating machining and packaging. This complete process is involved in the production of high quality and standard products.