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Marquee Auditorium - Ypo Retreat Hub
Marquee Auditorium - Ypo Retreat Hub
Marquee Auditorium - Ypo Retreat Hub

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Area: 2091 Sq.M

Project Started: 2008

Temporary and Transient Architecture have been used all across History. From tents of the Hunters and Herdsmen, later the complete feudal encampments of mobile armies, and until today for circuses, festivals, events and exhibitions.

In 2008, Salil Ranadive at CRA was entrusted with the challenges to set up within 3 months - a 450 seater multi media Auditorium for a pre-announced YPO-Retreat at Reliance Greens, Jamnagar. (YPO is an international Young Presidents Organization of Corporate Peers, with memberships and chapters across the globe).

End-to-end Design, Planning and Engineering was accomplished inside of two weeks. Tenders floated, Contractors lined up, and Procurement completed in the next two - allowing for 60 days on site, which included three days of a tropical storm, flooding and saggy ground conditions.

The entire Retreat-Hub - including The Main Marquee, ancillary Kiosks, Washrooms in the Park, Pathways, Landscaping, Area lighting and Signage - was completed in 58 days - allowing 48 clear-extra-hours for pre-event rehearsals!