Rooted in Spain, founded in 1999, Miluo Xi, belonging Xindong source group is exploring the long-term environmental Seiko marble top, into a standardized reference system, mining, product design and development, manufacturing, brand marketing, logistics, service as one of modern living, real estate project to create a comprehensive overall solution space program brand suppliers.

As the world's leading creators Seiko marble industry who Miluo Xi lies in Italy, Turkey and other natural marble famous origin monopoly mine resources, build the world's first stone library in Turkey, from the source to ensure product stability. Miluo Xi with innovative technology and solid strength to lead the industry, heavily to build the world's only a top Italian marble Seiko automatic production lines, exclusive, four-year exclusive protection of domestic production capacity reached 140000 / month, about 40% of the entire industry. Create a comprehensive 70,000 square meters of modern production base for research and development, and lead to complete Seiko marble product formulation of national standards, access to more than 70 cutting-edge technology and design patents.

On the other hand, Miluo Xi brand operation and open industry precedent terminal store model, the design for the instruments used, and with a number of world renowned designers cross-border cooperation, to build a rich and diverse, comprehensive range of strong array of product system, eight to create an exclusive boutique style series lead over the elite lifestyle.

Relying on innovative product design applications, forward-looking marketing strategies and improve after-sales service system, not only in the domestic first-line market Miluo Xi established more than 80 stores, and foreign brand sales points throughout the 18 states, the EU-8 countries the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, more than 100 exclusive games created by the "Miluo Xi US" Dallas warehouse, "Miluo Xi Europe" Portugal warehouse, "Miluo Xi Arab" Dubai warehouses constitute a global logistics system, to create a comprehensive Seiko Miluo Xi marble complete industrial chain, the industry's absolute achievements of the world's leading brand.

Sustainable Development & Design

High quality and incredible products are manufactured by Marmocer. Based on ecological designs, these products have distinguished the company from others. Also, by the government of Spain, the company is highly recommendable provider of constructional material. North America has classified the Marmocer as a green product manufacturer. Latest and extremely advanced technology is an integral and vital part of their brand concept. This is the only reason that they are capable enough to utilize the technological benefits and execute the same in their manufacturing processes. They are determined to cater cutting edge products with the perfect amalgamation of technology, expertise and professionalism. Product line proffered by Marmocer enhances the living and culture standard of customers making it comfortable and luxurious along with eco-friendly life.

Green Facilities

The manufacturing facilities spread in an area of 240,000 square meters are equipped with green machineries and equipments. Marble, most beautiful natural resource of earth, is appreciated by Marmocer that it is connected to nature. This appreciation can be clearly seen in the manufacturing facilities of marmocer because they maintain and conserve the presence of nature around them ranging from the commercial spaces to residential spaces. The company provides its clients and personnel with benefit of green and fresh atmosphere. This the main reason behind their encouragement to cater fresh and innovative products that are inspired from nature.