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Mark GaynorMark Gaynor, a San Francisco Bay Area native who majored in Packaging Technology at SJSU, has been at Boyd Lighting for two decades. During his tenure at Boyd, Gaynor has collaborated on fixtures for titans of the design industry, including Barbara Barry, Jamie Drake, Roger Thomas, Deirdre Jordan, Fisher Weisman, Clodagh, Laura Kirar etc. Gaynor brings an engineer's analytical mind and an artist's sensitive heart to the pendants, sconces and lamps he develops with the Boyd customer in mind. He is uniquely adept at distilling a beautiful design down to its practical, manufacture-able essence and works directly with virtually every Boyd designer to make his or her vision a reality. Gaynor's latest accomplishment is a fixture that he designed for the internationally recognized interiors firm, David Collins Studio in London. The beautiful Baguette Sconce is Gaynor's formal crossover from fixture engineer to fixture designer

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Mark Gaynor