At Marchi Group India enhance the beauty of your kitchen with the combination of traditional as well as modern styles . It is a leading firm of kitchen making which is known for its traditional handmade quality as well as modern and advanced technology of cutting edge. You can easily find the rare combination of tradition with advanced technology at Marchi Group only. They have recently expanded their business by adopting the most innovative and advanced technology for production of their equipments.

They possess their own manufacturing plant where they use their advanced production methods to design their products with maximum quality assurance and minimum amount of wastage thereby ensuring complete protection of the environment. Each and every minute detail is taken care of by their expert craftsmen in all their products. Their team of dedicated craftsmen works with commitment to achieve the admiration of the customers with their innovation and endless efforts. Their huge team comprises of extra ordinary wood workers, exceptional designers, technicians and many others.


Designing and creating superior kitchens that express excellent taste - the result of constant research into maximum quality crafting and distinctive appeal.

The Marchi Group has always been outstanding for its research into structural and aesthetic perfection, creating kitchens with striking design and elegant style based on the time-honoured traditions of hand-made cabinetry... resulting in kitchen furniture with a classical quality, that never becomes dated or out of style.
We are fully aware that our current life-style imposes a frenetic pace, where work and travel leave little time for the more important aspects of family life, enjoying time together and private moments for ourselves. For this reason we design kitchens for those who are not interested in the latest passing fashion, but for those who, on the contrary, are aware of the importance of being surrounded by natural materials, genuine craftsmanship, and hard-wearing quality and beauty which will last through time.
Our mission is to design and produce excellent kitchens: furniture that expresses the qualities in which we have always believed - reated for those who seek an exclusive interior, rich in character. Our kitchens combine solid, quality construction with elegant design, a skilful balance of traditional atmosphere with the latest in efficiency and comfort.

Design, Quality, Conviction, Durability, Enduring beauty

  • Design: the exclusive character of a piece that determines the customer's choice.
  • Quality: the guarantee of the best possible materials and woods available.
  • Conviction: the impeccable work performed by our expert craftsmen.
  • Durability: the guarantee of comfortable furniture that will last the test of time.
  • Enduring beauty: traditional classical styles proven through the centuries, combined with an elegant twist of contemporary design.

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