With Marc Sanitation Pvt. Ltd get best possible solutions of all your sanitary needs . They are a leading manufacturer of stylish and innovative sanitary ware products, faucets and accessories to enhance the experience of bathrooms for every common man. Since decades, they have been in this field of manufacturing and producing exceptional quality products of sanitary ware to stand ahead of others. Their constant approach towards regular experiment with technology has helped them in continuously enhancing the quality of their products. They have brought both creativity and innovation in all their products.

The Design

Marc'simaginative thinking and creative ideas have helped them in developing and producing exquisite quality products throughout the years. All their fittings and faucets are extra ordinarily designed according to the requirement of the people. They possess their own Research and Development facility with the help of which they analyze each and every single technicality of their products. Their R & D facility is completely equipped with latest CAD/CAM technology design software for best quality products. They fulfill the desires of living a luxurious life for every individual with their finely designed, and perfectly finished products at very cost effective rates which easily suit the budget. 


In order to provide genuineness in the quality of the product, they are completely concentrated to maintain high standards of their products in this competitive market. All their products are very much easy in installation for the plumbers. The features of their products which ensure perfect quality of their products include easy water flow adjustments, ergonomic designs, foam aerators and the perfect water guidance. All these features combined have made water usage more economical, easier and convenient. They possess a completely professional team of experts who continuously inspect and check the functionality of the products.  In fact, all their products undergo rigorous testing in order to maintain the high quality standards which are specified by them. 

Mission & Vision

  • The Company's mission is to increase its market share in the domestic market from the current level of 35% to 40% by the end of end of this calendar year. the company has already expanding its current dealer base & has come out with a range of innovative products, besides full-fledged advertising campaign this year . The company is also gearing up for making its presence felt in the international market.

    • The Company's vision is to provide bathroom faucets that offer technical innovation and value to its customers and luxury bathing at reasonable prices.
  • The Service

    Marc follow the idea and principle of producing coordinated designs which carry confidence and conviction with them. They have established a well to do relationship with various experienced architects, technicians, and dealers in order to maintain proper flow of services. They also provide end to end customer support services to their customers to guide them and assist them in the products installation. Apart from this, if there arises any kind of problem in your products, they offer great comprehensive services.


    From the very beginning process of manufacturing their products to the finishing process, they look after each and every step of the process to enhance and improvise them with the help of latest technology. The very beginning procedure involves the casting of the metal blank which is the base of manufacturing the products. In their casting process, they always remain at the top position in terms of reliability and engineering due to which they stand firm on the expectations of the customers. Similar kind of attention is paid on all the steps of manufacturing. This dedication is responsible for the high quality products that are delivered.