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Manikchand Plaza
Manikchand Plaza
Manikchand Plaza

Location: Satara Road, Parvati Darshan, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Project Work Status: Unbuilt Projects

Area: 61,595.83 Sq.Mt.

Plot Area: 44028 Sq.Mt.

Mixed use mega project introducing commercial plaza, housing, large showrooms, shops, offices with recreational facilities like 12 screen multiplex along with cultural activities like drama theatre, art institute, exhibition galleries, aquarium was thrown open at National level competition to generate a hub for people to gather around as a socio cultural spot.

The proposal by TAO was shortlisted as one of the top six finalists based on its integration of multi functional activities well divided through vehicular and pedestrian movement. The concept of streets linking the central plaza to the main roads was the key features as public domain to cater the various commercial and cultural activities.

The building housing cultural activity was linked with central plaza through large steps acting as amphitheatre to infuse youthful spirit to the project.