Manasee Newaskar

Manasee NewaskarBorn in 1977 in Pune. Maharashtra. India: Manasee had hobblies like Sports. Dancing. Cooking. Designing garments. and Painting frames. She completed her graduation from SNDT College. Pune in the year 1998. After completing her graduation. Manasee began her career as an Assistant Interior Designer with Mr. Sanjay Newaskar.

Having a good rapport and similar interests of Interior Design; Sanjay and Manasee got married in the year 1999. Beginning the education with Bachelors in Home Science in Family Resource Management and then she continued with extensive study in Interiors. Her expertise and talent are apparent in her myriad designs that match the needs of each client.

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SNDT College, Pune

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Manasee Newaskar