Malaysian Furniture Council

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Lot 19A, 19th Floor, Menara PGRM 8 Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras, 56100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The merger of two large organizations - the Malaysian Furniture Industry Council (MFC) and Malaysia Furniture Entrepreneur Association (MFEA) on 20th September 2014, heralds a new and dynamic beginning for the furniture industry and Malaysia with the new council named as Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC).

The birth of the Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC) marks an important milestone for the development of the Malaysia's furniture industry. With the completion of the merger, the merged entity represents the Malaysia's furniture industry players as a whole, which contributing significant amount of furniture exports.

The principal objectives of the MFC
  • To promote good relationship and co-operations among members inclusive all the associations and to improve the reputation and image of the furniture industry in the country
  • To promote better understanding and good relationship between the Association and other guilds and societies and government authorities
  • To promote the Malaysia Furniture industry to the international arena, in order to strengthen the national economy and to earn more foreign exchange
  • To represent the furniture industry in whatever discussion or negotiation with the Government about issues pertaining to the growth and development of the industry, including matters concerning import and export
  • To organize exhibitions, talks, seminars and business tours aimed at raising the standard of Malaysian Furniture
  • To help in organizing training courses related to the wood-based industry as well as to assist in setting up training schools and technical colleges
  • To promote all aspects of furniture-related activities which are in line with the interest of the Association and the National

Past Events by Malaysian Furniture Council (2)

Export Furniture Exhibition
Export Furniture Exhibition
Kuala Lumpur
09 - 12 Mar'20
Export Furniture Exhibition
Export Furniture Exhibition
Kuala Lumpur
09 - 12 Mar'19