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Major Establishments Initiated
The statue of Ayyan Thiruvalluvar is erected in a minor rock in midsea off the shore, in Kanyakumari , the southern tip of Tamilnadu.The statue sponsored by the Government of Tamilnadu,India,is fully made up of granite stone and is the tallest stone structure in the world.The statue worth about 10 crores ,was unveiled on 1st January 2000,by the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Dr. Kaligner M Karunanidhi.

The entire project starts from quarrying of stones , carving of statue parts and carrying them to the rock in the mid sea by pontoos and hoisting the finished pieces to a height of 133 feet and bonding them into the form conceived.The details of the sculpture is given below:

Statue height:
Pedestal height:
Total height:
Face Length:
Palm Length:
Length of palm leaf manuscript held in the left hand:
No. of stones going in the statue pedestal:
Total weight of the statue & the pedestal
7000 tonnes