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Magicrete Building Solutions is India’s frontline manufacturer of AAC Blocks, a technology that has turned over a new leaf in the construction Industry. A pioneer in green building materials, we were founded with the vision of introducing prefabricated construction technologies to the Indian construction and infrastructure industry and over the years, we have regarded as a frontline producer of these blocks with two manufacturing units in Gujarat and Haryana covering the strategic markets of West and North India respectively.

MagicreteMagicrete was founded in 2008 by Alumni of some of the most prominent technical institutes in India including IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur and IIM Lucknow. With 800,000 CBM per annum production capacity and nationwide presence in AAC Blocks market we now also manufacture and market products such as MagicBond® - an adhesive mortar for quick-laying of AAC blocks, Tiles & Stones and MagicPlast® - Gypsum based, Cement based and sprayable plastering solution. Venture-backed by Motilal Oswal, Magicrete have also been highlighted in Indiamart Leaders of tomorrow award.

Magicrete is a part of a conglomerate that has an aggregate turnover of over Rs. 5 billion and is into sectors like chemicals, real estate and textiles. Asserting on innovation, we have an R&D team fully equipped with the required facilities. We have also put in place processes to trace each batch of produc


  • "To bring innovative and prefabricated construction technologies to Indian construction industry"
  • "Create value for all stakeholders in our value chain by following the principles of agile enterprise"

Manufacturing Units

Magicrete have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Navsari, near Surat on the Mumbai-Surat highway & in Jhajjar, Haryana near Gurgaon. Our plants are strategically located close to thermal power plants which ensure smooth supply of raw materials. The plants are also within 250km radius of most urbanized regions of India like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Surat, Vadodara, Bharuch, Ahmedabad.

Our total installed capacity is 800,000 CBM/annum equivalent to walling requirement for 1000 High-rise buildings . All of our facilities are interlinked by ERP system thus enabling us to replicate our systems uniformly across country.

We constantly strive to provide better products to our customers, each of our manufacturing facility houses laboratory to test the quality of raw materials and finished products. Every batch of finished product is tested before dispatch.

Our Surat facility is ISO Certified (9001, 14001 & 18001) and certification process for Jhajjar facility is under progress.

At Magicrete, Technical Assistance and Customer Service functions were initiated with the motto of educating various stakeholders like Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Masons, and Channel Partners on the finer aspects of Construction. The idea is to deliver more value to the recipient at no extra cost. Our Technical Assistance & Customer Service Department organizes skill development programmes for masons to help them upgrade their skills and keep pace with latest trends in Construction. Technical seminars for Engineers and Architects are organized to as per their knowledge levels to help them keep abreast with latest developments around the globe in construction industry. The training programmes for Channel partners (Dealers & Retailers) are framed in a manner to enhance their product knowledge, thereby resulting in an effective and meaningful interaction with customers.The testing and quality control services at sites are being undertaken by qualified civil Engineers.

Below mentioned is a list of various activities/programs being conducted by our technical assistance & customer care division:

Builders & Contractors Meet

A meet of Builders and Contractors are being organised in order to explain various aspects of construction to them. It involves planning, selection of materials, various IS requirements for strength and durability, quality control and safety requirements at site. It helps them in utilizing the maximum benefits of using AAC blocks in construction along with time and cost saving and at the same time ensuring quality and safety.

Distributor/Retailer Training

A training Programme is being conducted at regular intervals for the Dealer and the Retailers to educate them on characteristics & features of various products and its area of usage, necessary instructions to be followed while using the product, customers FAQs, common complaints, etc. which enables our channel partners to deal efficiently with the customers.

Naka Meet

An initiative by Magicrete to reach &educate the IHBs (Individual House Builders) on planning and supervising the construction. A small group of IHBs who have started building their house and petty contractors are invited to the shop and a presentation is made to them on planning of construction, quality of materials and correct method of construction. This helps IHBs and Contractors to economise the cost of construction, ensuring timely completion and quality construction through effective supervision. The relevant technical literature is distributed to the customers. We have already conducted more than 100 such meets.

On site demonstration

On site demonstrationsarebeing made by our civil engineers to demonstrate to the masons working at site on correct ways of using different products in construction of the building. Such demos are being made in their vernacular language & their doubts are being solved to ensure that they become aware of the ill effects of not using the product in its prescribed manner. Masons are also being instructed to execute the instructions in front of our team, to ensure that they have understood the matter in correct manner.

Masons Trainings

A skill building workshop is being conducted for Masons where in order to educate them on the amount of mortar to be applied while using AAC Blocks, care to be taken while curing & many other facets. Individual attention is given to each Mason during practical training to fine-tune/upgrade his skills. The workshop covers all the products, its usefulness & care to be taken while using them. A test is being conducted at the end of the workshop and certificates are awarded for those who qualify the test.

Retail Shop Meets

With an intention to educate the contractors of key retailers, frequent retail shop meets are being conducted on regular intervals. We have already conducted more than 150 such meets across our retail counters.

Plant Visits

Frequent plant visits are being conducted for engineers, channel partners, builders and contractors as well as masons to givethem insights on manufacturing process of AAC Blocks i.e., from Raw Material selection to Packing. This helps them understand and appreciate the quality of our products as they see various quality control measures and quality assurance systems which are in place at our plants.

Product / Technical Literature

A detailed technical literature/brochure of all of our products bearing all the necessary details including its properties, usage instructions, good construction practices, care to be taken at various stages of construction, and other important details are being prepared for all the stakeholders & customers.


With a view to educate the end user & the decision maker about our products, we are planning to set-up kiosks at malls, markets and other public centres. These kiosks will have all the relevant information regarding our products & how it will be beneficial to the end user.

Post Sales Service

A toll free number has been circulated to all the stake holders as well as customers so as to give them an immediate guidance whenever they are faced with any issues while using or post using any of the Magicretes products. The matter is being forwarded to our technical team, which in turn gets back to the stake holder/customer to sort out their problems in the most efficient manner and in the shortest possible time.

Mobile Testing Lab

A soon to be launched service, at no cost, aimed at providing technical assistance during construction to ensure quality and consistency in our products. This service will be provided at the site through a van manned by a qualified and trained Civil Engineer. The van has the required testing facilities / equipment to test the materials at site. To avail this service, all that a customer will have to do is just call our toll free no.

Chemical Analysis - Gypsum Plaster

Chemical Test - Gypsum Plaster

Strength & Density Test - AAC Blocks

Strength Test - Magic Bond

Thermal Test - AAC Block