Magenta is one of the fastest growing Mattress brand offering high quality mattresses and pillows catering to premium segment. Magenta is India’s first brand offering Mattresses crafted with CertiPUR-US certified foam. Magenta offers a wide range of mattresses made using Green-tea Foam, Bamboo Charcoal Foam, Memory Foam,Cool-Gel infused Foam, Natural Latex and Bonded Foam. Its due to the quality of Mattresses, Magenta has earned admiration of customers from all strata: starting from homes to large hotels and institutions. Driven by innovation, Magenta strives to introduce new innovative mattresses regularly. With a strong network of 700+ partners, Magenta is all geared up to spread its reach all across India and international markets.
The world-class sleep technology

The Human body is a miracle of nature and a scientific marvel. And one of its most fascinating aspects is sleep. At Magenta, we are decoding the science behind good sleep and aim to revolutionize the concept with our technological and scientific expertise.

By understanding sleep patterns and different body shapes we deliver the right mattress for you. One that provides you with the right level of support, a sleep surface that is pressure-relieving and comfortable, and helps you maintain a neutral sleep position where your spine is correctly aligned.

With an aim to offer a quality sleep, we bring to you world-class sleep technology, assuring the most peaceful sleep experience.

Magenta mattresses offer unique features, one of the longest warranty periods and use the finest quality material, which is designed, tested and certified by internationally recognized institutes.