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Maamuni Mayan

Location: India

Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati in honouring the great scientist of the World, Sankaala Sirpa chittan Maamuni Mayan is building a memorial in Vadakadampadi near Mamallapuram. The Mayan statue will be made of five fold metal called AIMPON .

In front of him there will be twelve bronze pieces of Siddhas, who have collected all of Mayan's technical literature called AINTIRAM and PRANAVA VEDAM. He has already produced a technical treatise called Surya Shiddanta in Sanskrit. He was an adept in two languages.

The Aintiram and Pranava Vedam of which Aintiram has already been published by Govt of Tamilnadu, through the Department Technical education, Chennai, during the period of Dr.M.G.R. It is under his patronage; Dr. Sthapati built the buildings for Tamil university, also a circular library where several rare works of great men are stored.

In front of this library there is a wonderful arch way built of hard granite in a wavy pattern. Similarly, during one of International Tamil Meets held in Madurai, he ordered to put up nine Toric ways, each of 50 feet span. During this time another beautiful arch way was built at the entrance to Madurai Kamarajar University.

He was also responsible for the twin arch way to Anna nagar, Chennai.