Luzon Blinds



MARVEL Luzon Blinds is a beautiful new window blind made up of two layers of opaque and translucent horizontal striped fabrics. You can move the layers independently of each other to create different effects at different times of the day, from a striped pattern that provides privacy and light to a closed effect as the layers line up to give full privacy. The Luzon blind will also roll up fully for that time of the day when you want as much daylight into your room as possible.

The fabric rolls through a specialized bottom bar that is uniquely designed to centralize the fabric and also ensures the faces of the fabric are in close proximity to ensure good closure of the blind when privacy is required.

5 types of Operating system:

Manual System
Smooth Spring system
One Touch System
Motorized System
Auto Down

Feature & benefit
Luzon Blinds: A gorgeous range of 57 fabrics designed to enhance your home. Match the fabric according to your home interior.
• Provides control over the amount of sunlight
• Gives a better look to the room
• We have blackout & Translucent option to block light and allow light according to your preference.
• Our Quality Fabrics are made in such a way that it acts as dust guard, as it does not get dusty easily.
• Sheer & Blackout or Translucent option in one blind.
• We have 5 operating system
• Amazing Plain & Fabric Decoration Cassettes

Cleaning & Care

To maintain a like-new appearance, regular light dusting with a feather duster.
For deeper cleaning, lightly vacuum with soft brush of any vacuum cleaner.

Operating System
Marvel had introduced world class 5 types of operating system which you can use in operating your Luzon Blinds.
Manual System
Remote control
Smooth Spring system
Moto Up System
Moto down Down System